November 2013 police reports

November 2013 police reports

On November 4 a woman called the Nederland Police Department reporting that someone had spray-painted rocks at the Peak View Road hiking trail. The officer found two rocks, one on each side of the trail. One was painted blue with what looked like peaked mountains and the other looked as if there were some kind of figure on the rock. The officer took pictures and will continue to investigate.

On November 5 a man called the NPD complaining that another man was in his driveway yelling at him. When the officer arrived, he was unable to find any suspects. The person reporting the incident said he had purchased a motorcycle from the man and had a bill of sale and all the paperwork. When he went to work the day before, the motorcycle was missing. Someone said they saw it at a local business. The man found the motorcycle, took it home and locked it up.
The person who sold the motorcycle was in his driveway yelling. The man did not want to report the motorcycle as stolen but did want to make it known he was having problems with the seller. When the officer checked out the identity of the man, he was informed that the suspect had two warrants out on him, one of which was a felony.

On November 7 an officer on a routine patrol saw a man who the officer knew had a felony warrant against him issued from Boulder County on a failure to appear. The officer told the suspect that he had the warrant and the man backed away, looking for an escape route. The officer told him to stand still and the man ran away, climbed over two fences and ran east on East First Street. The officer caught up with him at Snyder and First Street, and again told the man to stop. He pulled his Taser from his holster, hoping that would deter the man from continuing to run. It did not. The officer did not discharge the Taser, believing the suspect was not a danger to the public. The officer then lost his footing and slipped to the ground, at which time the man made his escape once more, heading to Third Street.
The officer and the NPD chief caught the man, who had a cut on his hand from climbing one of the fences, so Nederland Fire Protection District EMTs checked out the cut and he was transported to Boulder Community Hospital to have it treated and then was taken to Boulder County Jail.

On November 12 a woman reported that someone had used her credit card. She had a fraud investigation from a credit union containing copies of her bank statement with four fraudulent charges that were made to and Expedia Travel, totaling $1,556.66. She said the credit card was locked up at her place of business and no one had access to it. She called asking about the reservation but was told she was not authorized to have information relating to it.
When the Ned officer contacted he was told they did not process any charges to that card number or using the name of the victim. The officer said the bank statement stated otherwise. The officer reported that the police department has no resources to investigate the fraud. According to VISA’s agreement they will reimburse the victim less $50.

On November 15 a woman reported a criminal mischief to her vehicle, a damaged tail light on her bus. The red plastic lens was broken. The bus was backed into the driveway and not readily accessible to the road. She said that a week prior to the incident a neighbor contacted her saying the bus had to be removed because it would depreciate the property value. The bus was not in violation with any code. The case will remain open pending a review.

On November 22 a man came into the NPD and reported that his vehicle had been vandalized. He said he arrived at his house around 9 a.m. and at 10 a.m. his roommate’s son told them there was air leaking from his vehicle’s tires. When the man went outside, he noticed his back left tire and his spare had been  punctured. He didn’t know who would have done this. The cost to replace the tires was $360.

On November 24 an officer was on patrol at the elementary school when he came upon vehicle tracks in a circular motion on the snow. He followed the tracks to the front of the doors leading to the classrooms where the vehicle then turned around and went back down the hill.
As the officer was leaving the playground he found a clear bottle which appeared to be some sort of liquor. Upon investigation he saw the citrus vodka bottle was empty and he noticed the vehicle had been parked there for some time. The officer kept the bottle for further investigation. There are no suspects at this time.

On November 27 a man called the NPD to complain that his license plate had been stolen. The plate had been stolen on November 22 at the Chula Vista Marina in Chula Vista, California. He said he contacted Boulder county Dispatch on that day to report it stolen but realized they had not entered it into the system. The officer told them to enter their Colorado License plate number and to fill out a witness statement.

On November 27 around 8 p.m. a man reported a possible harassment saying that someone “tagged” the front door of a bar with his name and there was also a “tagging” in the men’s bathroom about him and his girlfriend.
He said he walked into the bar and an unknown person told the man he was famous, in not a good way. He showed the man the front door and said his name had been there but was covered up with paint. He showed them the bathroom where his girlfriend’s name was used in a derogatory fashion.
The victim said he thinks someone is trying to harass him about a court case he and his girlfriend went through with a local. The man heard that the local is getting three years in prison and is upset with the man. The sentencing isn’t until February and the man said he fears he is danger for his life. The officer told him to call with any other information.

On November 28 the NPD was informed by the BCSO dispatch that there was an assault in progress at the West Magnolia campground. The Ned officer responded to the scene and talked to a member of the NFPD medical personnel who was treating the victim.
The man said he was stabbed by a stranger who left the scene in a yellow vehicle. He [the perpetrator] was a white male, about 5’10” tall, 130 pounds, dark hair, wearing jeans and a dark colored hoodie. He was heading east. The victim said he was cooking a turkey at a West Mag campsite when the suspect appeared. The two men became engaged in a verbal argument with the suspect who began lashing out at him with a knife. The victim grabbed the knife to defend himself and sustained a deep laceration to his hand.
The victim was transported to the Boulder Community Hospital. The officer talked to the witness who said he saw the suspect leave the scene and said the victim told him he was stabbed. The witness then cauterized the wound to his hand. He said that it happened two hours previous to law enforcement showing up. The Ned officer handed the case over to the BC deputies.