Gail Watson takes the gavel as Gilpin Board chair

Gail Watson takes the gavel as Gilpin Board chair

John Scarffe
Gilpin County

Buddy Schmalz, chair of the Gilpin County Board of County Commissioners, handed the gavel over to Gail Watson during their regular meeting on Tuesday, January 7, at the Gilpin County Courthouse. “It’s Gail’s turn to be chair,” Schmalz said, handing the gavel over to Watson to run the rest of the meeting.
The appointment of chair was the first one on a list of appointments for the Commissioners. Watson, Schmalz, and Connie McLain were all appointed as Commissioners to Convey. Roger Baker, County Manager; Jim Petrock, County Attorney; Sharon Cate, Administrative Assistant to the Board; Clorinda Smith, Budget Officer; and Steve Watson, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, all maintain their appointments. The Weekly Register-Call continues as the newspaper of record. The Board approved the list.
A list of appointments as representatives to steering committees and boards was approved with a few changes. Connie McClain will represent the Board on four Colorado Counties, Inc., Steering Committees, as well as Community Health Assessment Project, Human Services Advisory Board, Jefferson Center for Mental Health, Rollins Pass Restoration Association, Gilpin Water District, and the South Platte Basin Roundtable.
Schmalz will also have four CCI Steering Committees, Gilpin Ambulance Authority, Eagle’s Nest Board of Directors, 911 Authority Board, Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission, and the Public Forfeiture Funds Committee. Watson will have one CCI Steering Committee, the Recreational Sport Shooting Collaborative, Rollins Pass Restoration Association, Worker’s Compensation Pool, Casualty and Property Pool, and the Denver Regional Council of Governments.
The Council also approved voting proxies for Colorado Counties, Inc. Voting by proxy is allowed at any steering, advisory or ad hoc committee meeting or meetings of sections appointed by the CCI Board of Directors.
Betty Donovan will be the proxy for Health and Human Services steering committee. Roger Baker will be the proxy for seven other steering committees.
The Board reappointed Rick Newman to the Gilpin County Historic Preservation Board. His term will expire and this appoints him to a new term.

Gilpin Ambulance Authority Contract

Commissioners expressed some concerns about the second amendment to establish a contract with the Gilpin Ambulance Authority. Watson said she was surprised to see the base is so high, and Schmalz said it’s a very awkward set up.
“I’ve been advocating for changing the formula for a number of years. It’s not as simple as it should be. It’s been a nightmare.”
Watson pointed out that the County is making up $70,000 this year, but later in the meeting said she understand that it would be easy for Central City and Black Hawk to have their own ambulance authority but then no one would come to her house in the County.
Schmalz said Gilpin County is the host county for the two cities, so according to the entity members they thought Gilpin County should pay more up front because the County is getting gaming revenues from the two cities. “A lot of compromises were made,” Schmalz said.
The Board approved the second amendment to the contract.

Liquor License Renewals

The Board approved liquor license renewals for two businesses. The first was for the Last Shot restaurant at 17268 Highway 119. Owner Roy Stewart was present
Sharon Cate told the Board part of the process is to run a background check and Stewart had no problem whatsoever. Stewart said he has tried to hold a couple of benefits each year. He would like to make the restaurant available to people with needs. “We’ve raised a lot of money to help a lot of people,” he said. He will talk to County Human Services Director Betty Donovan about possibilities.
The second renewal was for Mid-County Liquors, 17218 Highway 119. Cate said owner John Dunham had no complications whatsoever with his background check and is probably the most well-versed owner on the liquor code.

Take-Home Vehicles

Finance Director Clorinda Smith presented a request for a Public Works employee to take his vehicle home for work. Personal use of County vehicles is prohibited except for Sheriff’s officers and a Public Works employee.
The Sheriff’s officers include the Sheriff Administration as well as patrol sergeants and deputies. The Public Works employee, Gordon Thompson, needs his vehicle at home to respond quickly to emergency situations and to check road conditions year around.
Public Works Director Curt Logsdon said the vehicle has a Gilpin County decal and emergency lights. Thompson gets called all the time in the middle of the night. When he goes out and starts the County truck, he can go to work immediately instead of starting his own truck and driving for a mile. “It’s obvious it’s a County vehicle and couldn’t be used for personal use,” he said.
Smith said a Sheriff’s vehicle is not the same as public works. They are treated differently and have to be modified. “Having a decal doesn’t make it a County vehicle in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service.”
County Attorney Jim Petrock felt comfortable with the Board approving it, and the request was approved.

Human Services MOU

Donovan presented the annual contract with the Colorado Department of Human Services for the County’s Colorado Works and Child Care Assistance Program. She said the County has been doing this since 2005.
One difference this year is that an exception for children under six has been removed. Gilpin County has been getting a 5% decrease in funding every year since then. The Board approved the Contract.
The next regular meeting of the Board will be on Tuesday, January 28, at 9 a.m. at the Gilpin County Courthouse.