December Police Reports

Barbara Lawlor – Nederland

In the last month of the year, there were fewer than usual crimes committed. Perhaps the cold, windy weather kept the miscreants inside. It has been a busy year for our local law enforcement officers who have had to deal with murders and suicides; domestic violence and restraining order violations; shoplifting and vandalism; the same kind of list that a big city has, but on a much smaller scale.

We have lost several officers and a chief and are in the process of hiring a full-time officer and a new chief. In the meantime, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department has loaned us deputies to make sure our town is covered.

As the department looks to new hirings, police and judge clerk Lois Ott’s position has been cut to part-time and she will no longer be the court clerk. Judge David Gloss has taken over as Nederland’s Municipal Judge, replacing Judge Lisa Hamilton-Fieldman.

On November 27, female called and said a man had broken a protection order by calling and leaving multiple messages on her phone. The messages were left on her phone in Oswego, Illinois. An Oswego officer recorded the messages and sent them to the NPD.  The man lives in Nederland and the woman says she knows his voice. She had not heard from him since he was arrested in March.

An NPD officer contacted one of the woman’s renters who said he had received phone calls from the suspect who sounded as if he were intoxicated. He was loud and belligerent about where they could park their vehicles. The renters started locking their doors.

In March, an NPD officer had written a harassment arrest warrant for the man. He was arrested and placed on probation and told not to contact the protected person. Numerous other phone calls from the suspect were placed, with the suspect ranting about going to court and that he was going to Oswego if they don’t stop messing with him.

On November 30, a Nederland fire department member contacted the Nederland Police Department saying a man was lying in the ditch off Caribou St. and was asking for help.

When the officer arrived, he noticed the man appeared to be homeless and was not adequately dressed for the weather. He said he was very cold and was uncooperative. When he stood up, he fell back down against the hillside. The officer helped him to the roadway and told him he would be taken to a detox center where he could eat, sleep and stay warm. He told the man he had to search him.

When the man refused to be searched, the officer told him he would have to go to jail. A BCSO deputy arrived and the two officers placed the man in custody. He was resistant the whole time, saying he was looking for his bulldog, but would not give any information. He was taken to the Boulder County Jail.

Two days later, the NPD received a report of trespassers along 119, the same area the man was found lying in a ditch. When officers searched the area they found a backpack, a coat, an empty can of food, an empty vodka bottle and a puppy lying on a sleeping bag. The dog was about three months old, shivering, and had no food or water. He was warmed, fed, and impounded.

According to a witness, the puppy had been out in the cold for two nights, but was in fairly good condition. The man spent one more day in jail and was released.

On December 6, a Ned business owner called the NPD after she was a victim in a disturbance and assault. She explained she was at a bar when she noticed a woman who could barely sit up on her own. The business owner asked the woman if she was okay and the woman said “help me,” saying she had only one drink. After talking to the woman’s boyfriend, the business owner and the boyfriend helped take the woman to her home and placed her on the couch.

The business owner and the boyfriend returned to the bar to take care of the tab and the boyfriend decided to drink more. When the business owner returned to the house, the victim was lying on the floor and called 911. The boyfriend came in and attacked her—the business owner—and choked her. The officer noticed her neck was swollen and her voice was raspy.

She said she kicked the man off of her and pushed him out. He shattered a window but it stayed in place. The victim was still passed out and the NFPD ambulance transported her to the hospital. The boyfriend said he was upset because he was violating a protection order by being with the woman. The officer learned that he had also been involved in a fight with two other men a few days previous to the incident and is known to have a short temper. The deputy who visited the victim in the hospital said she was intoxicated.

On December 8, a couple in Big Springs came home late at night and found a window open and the screen removed from a basement bedroom. They also found embers in the wood stove. They had been gone for seven days and are positive the doors were locked and the windows closed.

The Ned officer noticed that the dust or dirt on either side of the window had not been disturbed and the window had not been pried open from the outside. No items were taken from the home. No one used the refrigerator or shower or toilet. The case is a mystery and has been inactivated.

On December 19, a woman reported that  her house had been flooded and on September 13she put some items outside to dry, covering them with a tarp. She said she decided to report it now because the insurance company would not cover the items. FEMA said they would cover the items, but she needed to get a police report. On December 20, the woman brought in a list of items totaling $2,060. The stolen items are unfound.

On December 21, a man came to the NPD to report he had a box stolen from the back of his truck. He said he picked up a package from the post office containing a fax machine and printer, a Christmas present. He then went to work and when he was done, the box was gone from the back of his truck. The printer was a Canon Pixma MX522 wireless color photo printer with a scanner and fax machine, worth about $110. There are no leads.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.