Burglary at Ace

Barbara Lawlor —Nederland—

Screen shot 2014-01-18 at 9.47.47 AMWhen Ace Indian Peaks Hardware employees arrived at work last Wednesday, January 8, they found one half of the front door broken, glass chips on the ground. They called 911.

A Boulder County Sheriff’s deputy was covering for Nederland Police Department at that time and responded to the call. The rock used to smash in the glass door was found in the entry. The inside door was also smashed and broken through.

At first glance nothing appeared to be vandalized and it was difficult to tell if anything had been stolen. When officers reviewed the security tape, they saw a person, unknown if it was a male or female, of medium height and weight, dressed in a dark jacket and snow pants and a ski mask and cap, walk past the window, pick up a rock and throw it through the first door and then the other door.

The time was about 4:30 a.m. After entering the store, the suspect looked around briefly then went to the far wall and picked up a .177 caliber pellet gun and walked out. Nothing else was taken.

Nederland Police Department Officer Chuck Geiger said that the BCSO was looking into the case because NPD is short of officers and the sheriff has more resources.

Ace owner Steve Culver was puzzled and upset at the burglary, saying it just didn’t make any sense. There was up to $1,000 damage to the doors and the gun is worth over $200, but it is the feeling of being violated that had Culver and his wife Lisa most disturbed.

“The store is like our second home,” says Lisa. ” This person committed  a selfish act and a lot of damage for a pellet rifle. If this person really wanted it but couldn’t afford it now, why not approach us as a customer during our business hours and we could have tried to work something out. This act affected so many people, our employees, our customers, and other businesses, with a feeling of uneasiness. I like how one customer said ‘How can someone do that to “my” hardware store?’ We are grateful no one was hurt. We will continue to be here for our customers and community.”

The BCSO will continue to investigate the case. If anyone has any information about the theft, contact the sheriff’s office or the NPD at 303-258-3250.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.