Art at Altitude: NMSHS gallery

Art at Altitude: NMSHS gallery

Barbara Lawlor

Art lovers sipped their coffee or lemonade and nibbled on cookies as they strolled through the gallery, commenting on the talent, the quality of the artwork that was hung on the library educational room walls. It was a brilliant display of art created by Nederland Middle/Senior High School students, a exhibition of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and fiber. It was the Art at Altitude reception held at the school last Thursday.
Some of the art works had prices attached; they were for sale, with the proceeds going to the art department. A surprising number of items were sold, pleasing the students who then knew their work was so valued. There were first, second, and third place ribbons awarded for each art category. At the reception opening, art teacher Theresa Bagby introduced the students who won the awards to a packed audience.
Seventh grader Brekken Billman won first place for his mixed media portrayal of Bark Tree, a complex and vivid collage of scraps from various sources. Some were faces that were put together to form the tree and landscape behind it. Brekken says the project was fun and took him about two days to complete.
Senior Angie Ritt won first place for her photograph of two people sitting on a picnic bench next to a lake. Two trees in the foreground frame the couple, completing the composition. Ritt also won the People’s Choice Awards, a photograph of a seagull soaring over the water, called Flapping Against the Tide. Ritt says she has her camera with her at all times, ready to capture the art she sees in everyday life.
Some of the art was personally expressive. Senior William Timken won third place for his acrylic self-portrait that powerfully portrayed the anger and angst of a young man becoming an adult. Senior Zoey Payne-Grauch also presented an introspective look in her mixed media piece, Through the Looking Glass.
Junior Amber won second place for her acrylic painting Remake, of a path through an aspen glade. Her painting sold for $25.
The second Art at Altitude was a huge success and the event has already become a popular NMSHS tradition.

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.

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