Who Ate the Carcass?

Deb D’Andreahappy dog
Nederland, CO

My friends contacted me the other day saying their dog had ingested a chicken carcass, a cooked chicken carcass, and wondered what to do. I guided them to an article which recommended feeding white bread or something soft to help serve as a stomach cushion and to keep a close eye on their pup’s poop for the next several days to ensure there was no blood in the stool. Their pup was not in distress and appears to have passed the forbidden food just fine.
It happens—our pups get into things we don’t want them to; and knowing what to do in these situations is essential. I find the web can be a bit overwhelming with opinions on what to do in certain situations, and other times can be quite informative. A call to your Veterinarian is always prudent. The big deal about cooked bones in general is that they can splinter, causing perforation in your pet’s digestive system and potentially other organs.
I remember several years back I purchased some bones for my girls from a pet store and didn’t realize the bones were cooked. I watched very carefully as my girls licked them and took them away once they decided to start crunching them. The bones, while sold as safe, started to splinter and were not acceptable for my girls to eat. When giving your pups bones of any sort, it’s good to keep an eye on them as they lick and munch away to ensure safe bone enjoyment.
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