Happy Holidays

Deb D’Andrea

The year 2013 has proven to be quite the year of life events for many I know. From floods and complete devastation never witnessed before, to loss of friends, family and beloved pets, to weddings, babies and life anew—the year has shown communities pulling together, friends helping foes, and that we can move mountains to help one another.
As many of you read a couple months back, I shared my Tiki girl’s journey, her trip down a flight of stairs and recovery. Unfortunately, after I wrote that article, she started to regress. The fluid and mass pressing on her spinal column that created the miscommunication between her brain and body had again made it so she couldn’t walk.

We tried non-invasive surgery, injecting a steroid into the area to reduce the inflammation, and tried removing the fluid. This provided Tiki relief and she started walking again early November. We thought this had done the trick; but then that wore off and she was unable to walk again just before Thanksgiving.

Tiki, Bear and I headed into the emergency room to a new specialist, a whole team of neurological specialists. Tiki was admitted and had another MRI performed which showed her condition had worsened since the first MRI in October. Dr. Lane of Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology called me to let me know they were taking her directly into surgery after her MRI to remove the mass and fluid.

Tiki was a champ. She went under, went through the MRI and surgery, one right after the other, and came out of the anesthesia with no complications. She had to stay in the hospital for six days, working the fentanyl through her system which makes her very dysphoric; and she needed to just rest, rest, rest.

After those six days, Tiki came home December 15th! Tiki pulled the technician across the parking lot to get to Bear and me. She walked out of the hospital! We are now home, relaxing in the sun room, which I have turned into a huge dog bed where we all sleep with the wood burning stove cranking through the night. It’s a three-month road to recovery ahead of us with short walks, lots of rest, and physical therapy.

I do not yet know what the mass was, as I have not heard what the biopsy report was before this article deadline; but we do know that two of the five dogs who had this condition and had the surgery are doing great 16 months later with no relapse. Tiki will be happy to be the third of five dogs to go down in the case study chronicles as a success!

I thank all the people who have reached out to me during this time and appreciate what an amazing community and amazing people I am surrounded by. Thank you!

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