Water plant, purchase approved by Black Hawk City Council

John ScarffeWater plant, purchase approved by Black Hawk City Council

Black Hawk

The Black Hawk City Council approved a site development plan for a new water treatment plant and the purchase of additional water rights during its regular meeting on Wednesday, November 13, at 211 Church Street. The water treatment plant will be built at Dory Hill, and the water rights will be purchased from the Thaden family’s rights on Church Ditch.
Cynthia Linker ,speaking for Baseline Corporation, told the Council, “The City of Black Hawk received an application on September 23 for a Site Development Plan for the property located at 1040 Dory Hill Road. This project proposes construction of a new water treatment plant adjacent to the existing City of Black Hawk WTP located at the same address.
“The proposed facility will work in tandem with the existing WTP upon completion of the new building when all appropriate modifications have been made. The City of Black Hawk Municipal Code allows construction of new Water Treatment Facilities with the approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness and Site Development Plan. Staff from Baseline Corporation has evaluated the information provided for the Dory Hill WTP site development plan and find it to be in compliance with sections 16-368 and 16-361 of the City of Black Hawk Municipal Code.”
Linker recommended the Council make a motion to approve the Certificate of Appropriateness and Site Development Plan for the Dory Hill Water Treatment Plant with two conditions:
1. The applicant shall submit a revised SDP plan set in accordance with the comments provided by Black Hawk staff. Staff must issue a letter of approval once all corrections have been made prior to the Mayor signing the final version of the SDP document. 2. All applicable right-of-way, building and electrical permits must be obtained prior to beginning construction.”
The Council approved the resolution for the certificate and site development plan. The Council also approved the purchase of 1.8 inches of the Church Ditch from the Thaden family for $46,800.
Five members of the Thaden family from Golden and Arvada agreed to sell the water to the City from the Golden, Ralston Creek and Church Ditch. The City’s water engineering experts have until November 22 to investigate the title of the sellers to the water rights and to determine that the sellers can convey a merchantable title to the rights.
The sellers consent to the buyer including the Water Rights in an existing application of the buyer in the District Court for Water Division Number 1 prior to the closing. The closing will occur at the home of Barbara Summers in Golden at 11:30 a.m. on November 22, but the time and place can be changed by mutual agreement.
The next meeting of the Black Hawk City Council will be at 3 p.m. on December 4 at 211 Church Street.