Panthers come close to win

Barbara LawlorPanthers come close to win
The Nederland Panthers traveled to Estes Park last Friday for a night game rendezvous with the Bobcats. It was their second last game of the season and with the Bobcats’ 2-3 record, a chance to grab the coveted win that would break their losing streak.
It was so close, but the Bobcats prevailed in the fourth quarter, winning the game, 28-12.
Estes Park scored a touchdown in the first quarter. Nederland’s defense was holding the Bobcats and 7 points was all they were able to put on the scoreboard. In the second quarter, Jack Abendroth scored on a 12-yard touchdown pass from Mike Wood. The extra point kick was blocked and the Panthers were down by one, 6-7 at halftime.
Halfway through the third quarter, Adam O’Melia scored on a four-yard run and Ned went ahead 12-7 which was a moment to celebrate. The Panthers, with their 5-point lead, ran into trouble stopping the Bobcat running backs. A 60-yard pass play resulted in a mystery fumble which changed the course of the second half.
The Bobcats scored bringing the game to 12-13, and then Estes broke through the Ned boys to score again, bringing the score to 20-12.
But the Panthers were still in the game. They fought hard during the fourth quarter, only giving up a TD and a two-point conversion with two minutes on the clock. Nederland moved the ball to the Bobcat 25-yard line when Woods was sacked and Estes held the 28-12 lead to the end of the game.
“It was really tough to lose this one,” said Coach Aaron Jones. The Panthers will play Clear Creek in Idaho Springs on Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 7 p.m.
Statistics for Ned versus Estes Park:
Recovered fumbles: Adam O’Melia, Connor Demo and Mike Wood
Tackles: Jarron Dillon, 5; Adam O’Melia, 6; Mike Wood, 6; Noah Ridnell, 8; Connor Demo, 6; Nick Kassera, 4; Ike Thibedeau, 5; Wyatt Wales, 3; Ben Jurisich, 3; Jake Aguilar, Jack Abendroth and Keyghan Otten all had one tackle.

Passing: Wood was 8 of 16 for 141 yards and 1 touchdown. No interceptions.
Rushing: Adam O’Melia ran 22 times for 115 yards and 1 touchdown. Mike Wood ran 9 times for 38 yards. Wales ran 9 times for 31 yards; TJ Bolt had one carry for 3 yards;
Receiving: Bolt had 1 pass for 60 yards; Abendroth caught 6 passes for 70 yards; O’Melia caught 1 pass for 8 yards