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Eldora Mountain Resort Extends Disabled Ski Program Lease with IgniteEldora Mountain Resort Job Fair Oct 29-Nov 7 2013 Adaptive Sports

Boulder, Colo., November 1, 2013—Ignite Adaptive Sports, the 35-year-old local nonprofit that teaches skiing, snowboarding, and other snow sports to disabled veterans, children, and adults, announced that Eldora Mountain Resort has agreed to renew its lease for the 2013-14 season after negotiations today.
Eldora had recently informed Ignite that its lease would not be renewed, but the two parties were able to devise a workable solution to continue their business arrangement today.
“It is a happy situation for our students, our instructors, our staff, and the entire disabled community,” said Finn Murphy, executive director of Ignite. “We thank Bill Killebrew and Rob Linde from Eldora Mountain Resort for working with us to support our local disabled community.”
Murphy said Ignite’s board of directors and staff are meeting in the next few days to determine plans for the current snow sport season. Information about this season’s classes will be posted next week on Ignite’s website.
Ignite and Eldora have a 38-year relationship of partnering to offer one of the highest-quality, lowest-cost snow sport programs for the disabled in the state. “We are thrilled that Eldora has agreed to keep working with Ignite on a program that gives our local disabled community a safe, fun, and affordable way to enjoy winter sports,” said David Levin, president of Ignite’s board. “We’re looking forward to starting our operations right away, with instructor training clinics and fundraising efforts so we can best serve our students in January.”

About Ignite Adaptive SportsEldora Mountain Resort Job Fair Oct 29-Nov 7 2013

Since its inception in 1975, the Ignite Adaptive Sports program has grown into a 200-plus-person volunteer force that collectively works over 18,000 hours per year, providing over 1,000 individual lessons to 200-plus people annually. Ignite is the only comprehensive program located along the Front Range accessible by public transportation, and is the third-largest adaptive program in Colorado.
Ignite turns no one away due to their disability or capacity to pay. Ignite is a member of Disabled Sports, USA and the Professional Ski Instructors of America/American Association of Snowboard Instructors. (PSIA/AASI).
To learn more, visit: igniteadaptivesports.org.