Black Hawk City Council approves demolition of moldy building

John ScarffeBlack Hawk City Council approves demolition of moldy building

Black Hawk

The Black Hawk City Council approved the demolition of a building at 201 Church Street during its regular meeting on Wednesday, November 13, at 211 Church Street. Although the building is a contributing structure, it contains unacceptable levels of mold.
Cynthia Linker, speaking for the staff, said, “The property was purchased by the City of Black Hawk in 2013 with the intent to rehabilitate it for use as the City’s Information Technology department. In anticipation of the rehabilitation, the City hired Anthony & Associates to conduct a wood analysis in order to determine the age and condition of the siding and trim.
“A complete environmental inspection was completed in May, 2013, by Weecyle Environmental Consulting, Inc., as part of the planned rehabilitation; however, the initial baseline inspection found unacceptable levels of mold throughout the building. The house was subsequently cleaned, and a second reading taken in July, 2013. This also found unacceptable levels of mold.
“The house was then gutted, cleaned, and the areas of mold were encapsulated, but mold was again found in a sampling taken on August 1, 2013. These processes were repeated two additional times, and after final collection on August 30, 2013, unacceptable levels of mold were again found throughout the building.
“As an alternative to demolition, Weecycle stated that structural members and at least the lower three feet of the building could be removed, although there was no guarantee that the mold would not continue to spread. Due to the extent of mold and the pathogenic and toxic nature of the mold varieties, the City is seeking a Certificate of Appropriateness for full demolition of the building due to health, safety and welfare reasons.”

Rock walls and police manual

The Council received bids for work on rock walls at 221 Church Street. The City received three bids, but the lowest came from the Retaining Wall Company, which has done work for the City before. Linker said each vendor was provided a design for the rock walls. The Council approved the bid from the Retaining Wall Company.
For the City Police, the Council approved a new police manual and a rehabilitation project for the police station. City Attorney Corey Hoffmann said each time the police department updates its manual the Council has to approve it. He said he has reviewed it, and the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police has reviewed. He recommended approval.

Repairs to police station

According to Thomas Isbester, Public Works Director, the police station needs new windows and a new roof and recommended approval of the police station exterior rehabilitation for $250,717.
“The Police Station is drafty, and moisture occasionally leaks through the windows and roof,” Isbester wrote. “The City has contracted with PEH Architects to prepare design plans to replace the windows, roofing, gutters, and the front door of the Police Station. Their general construction plans have been approved by City Staff and put out to bid.”
The Council then went into executive session to discuss public finance, pending litigation and potential litigation. The next meeting of the Black Hawk City Council will be at 3 p.m. on December 4 at 211 Church Street.