Udall Welcomes Reopening of Rocky Mountain National Park


Udall Welcomes Reopening of Rocky Mountain National Park

Armed Services, Energy and Natural Resources, and Intelligence Committees

October 11, 2013

Udall Welcomes Reopening of Rocky Mountain National Park, Economic Boost for Flood-Ravaged Estes Park


Udall Presses GOP to End Partisan Shutdown, Reopen All Federal Lands

Mark Udall, chairman of the U.S. Senate National Parks Subcommittee, welcomed the U.S.
Department of the Interior’s decision today to allow Colorado to reopen Rocky Mountain
National Park. The park’s reopening, which comes at steep cost to the state — $40,300
per day — will provide economic relief for Estes Park. The town has been hit
particularly hard not only by the recent, devastating flood, but also a sharp decline in
tourism thanks to the federal government shutdown.

“This ongoing government shutdown is hurting Colorado’s middle-class families and
businesses. The reopening of Rocky Mountain National Park is welcome news for flood
victims and businesses in Estes Park, but it is not enough,” Udall said. “Colorado’s
national parks, monuments and other federal lands are the backbone of our economy and
quality of life. The U.S. House of Representatives needs to end this shutdown and stop
holding hostage the livelihood of Main Street businesses in places like Grand Junction,
Gunnison, Cortez and Alamosa. I also have deep concerns about Colorado taxpayers and our
cash-strapped state government footing the bill for Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s
time for one extreme faction in Congress to step up, stop undermining Colorado’s economy
and allow Congress to end this shutdown.”

Udall has been a strong voice for reopening Rocky Mountain National Park to help the
people of Estes Park recovery from the flood. He also has repeatedly called for an end to
the partisan shutdown and for Congress to avert the looming federal government default.
Earlier this week he spoke on the U.S. Senate floor and decried how an extreme faction of
the Republican Party is jeopardizing our economic recovery.

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