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October 16, 2013

Udall Welcomes Passage of Bipartisan Deal to Avert Government Default, End Ongoing Partisan Government Shutdown


Deal Includes Crucial Flood Relief Udall Championed

Mark Udall welcomed the passage today of a bipartisan deal to avert a destructive government default and end the ongoing federal government shutdown, which has hurt Colorado communities, Main Street businesses and middle class families for more than two weeks. The bipartisan agreement includes a Udall-championed provision to help Colorado rebuild flood-ravage roads, bridges and highways.

“One of Congress’s top duties is to support job creation, strengthen our nation’s economy and help middle-class families thrive. But for several weeks, an extreme faction of one political party in one house of Congress manufactured a crisis and held our economic recovery hostage,” Udall said. “It comes as no surprise that Coloradans overwhelmingly have rejected this extremist brinksmanship and instead implored members of Congress to collaborate on a bipartisan path forward. I’m proud that this bipartisan agreement finally will reopen our federal government, avoid a default on our nation’s obligations, and deliver much-needed aid to Colorado’s flood-ravaged communities — a provision I fought for.”

“In the coming weeks, I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to address issues that I’ve pushed for years: reducing our nation’s debt, passing immigration reform and a farm bill, putting in place more sustainable energy policies and making the federal government more accountable to taxpayers. But we must responsibly tackle these issues in inclusive ways that reject brinksmanship and political games.”

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