To the Town of Nederland From Excel Energy:

Xcel-EnergyThis message is a reminder that, this Sunday, October 20, we will need to perform the second and final planned electric service interruption to you as part of our large project to rebuild a main feeder line that serves your area. This planned outage is planned to last two hours and will begin as close to 8:00 am as possible and end as close to 10:00 am as possible. As with the planned outage on Oct. 6, we have moved the timing of this work to earlier in the day than originally planned so that we can have it completed to allow your businesses to get on with their day.

I also want to address the other non-planned outages some in your town have experienced in the past few weeks. We are completely aware of these outages and are focused on determining the causes and ensuring they don’t happen again. Leading the causes have been issues related to the flood, which damaged equipment in remote areas, but in many cases, that damage was not obvious until the outage occurred. While we have surveyed out power system through the mountains by air, we know there could still be damage we’re not aware of. It’s one reason we’re having these recent outages. Following our pole replacement work Sunday, we will once again patrol the circuits leading to Nederland by helicopter, hoping to find any lingering problems.

excelplantWe apologize for these interruptions, but we want you to know we are taking our reliability seriously and are working to restore it successfully. The project to rebuild the main feeder line will increase the carrying capacity of that line, strengthen it substantially and make it far more resistant to wind and snow.

Thank you for your patience.

Craig Eicher
Xcel Energy | Responsible By Nature
Area Manager, Boulder Region
2655 N 63rd St Boulder, CO 80301
P: 303-245-2254 C: 303-827-4943 F: 303-245-2292