Police Report

Ned police reports for September

nedpoliceOn Sept. 1, the Nederland Police Department was contacted for assistance on a possible drowning victim at Barnard Lake. Boulder County Sheriff’s units were not in the area and the Ned officer on duty volunteered to respond. CPR was in progress at the time. When the Ned officer arrived, multiple emergency responders were already at the scene and the body was covered with blankets.
There were four witnesses at the scene, one of them retrieved the victim and another administered the CPR. The Nederland officer assisted in transferring the body to the Coroner’s vehicle.
On Sept. 2, close to 1 a.m. an officer saw a car traveling about 15 mph on the highway and pulled in behind it. He watched the suspect brake and weave from side to side, cross the double center line and drift to the opposite lane of traffic for about a mile before he initiated a traffic stop.
When asked if he had consumed alcohol recently, the man’s speech was slow and slurred and there was an odor of alcohol on his breath. His eyes were bloodshot. There were two passengers in the vehicle, all of whom spoke primarily Spanish.
The suspect said he had not been drinking. After breathing into a PBT unit, the suspect’s reading was .165 BAL. There was a small, single shot bottle in the pocket of the driver’s door. The suspect was taken to the Boulder County Jail by a Boulder County Sheriff’s Deputy and the Ned officer transported the passengers to the jail waiting area.

On Sept. 4, a report of a cold assault came through dispatch from the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office. A woman was traveling with her infant son and the infant’s father when the man and woman got into a verbal argument over the child. The man pulled the car off the road and tried to push the woman from the vehicle, and then tried to pull her from the passenger side. He began to drive the car while the woman was half in and half out and she was dragged about 20 feet.
The man pulled into a business in Nederland where she took her son out of the back seat and then was given a ride home. The officer was joined by another officer and the two of them went to Rollinsville to talk to the mother. She said she had told the man she was going to leave and be with her parents, that the suspect had no means of taking care of an infant.
The suspect came to the police department to talk to the officers. He said the woman had denigrated his parenting ability and pushed the side of his head so he pulled off the road and told her to get out. He said he did not move the car while the woman was getting out. Based on conflicting statements and lack of physical evidence the man was released. There are no charges at this time.

On Sept. 8, Boulder County Sheriff’s Dispatcher requested that a Ned officer respond to mile marker 38.5 to put down a deer that had been struck by a vehicle and had substantial injuries. The officer talked to the driver of the vehicle who said he was traveling north when he hit the deer. The injured buck was 25 yards from the edge of the highway and saw that the deer had injured rear legs and hind quarters. The officer shot the deer. The driver asked if he could have the carcass and was told he needed to get a road kill tag from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Dept. as soon as possible. The officer notified the Ward Town Marshal of the location of the buck.

On Sept. 9, a report of an assault and domestic violence led a Ned officer to investigate. He contacted the victim who was in tears and she stated he was assaulted by her boyfriend. The suspect arrived on scene and said he argued with the victim over her moving in with him. The argument became physical and the victim struck him in the leg with her fist.
The victim said that the man told her he wanted her out of his house, but she said she had to work the next day. She said he threatened to kill her, hit her with a pillow, bent and twisted her fingers back and choked her. The couple had been living together in the house for a month. The man was placed under arrest and transported to Boulder County Jail without incident. He was issued a warrant for charges of Assault in the Second Degree and Domestic Violence.

On Sept. 10, a man complained that his vehicle was vandalized while parked on garage lot. There were superficial marks on the car and the window was separated from its seal. There are no suspects or sufficient information to proceed with further investigation.

On Sept. 13, two Ned officers were dispatched to a reported domestic disturbance in process. When they arrived at the scene, three people were rolling around on the ground in the alley. A woman was on top, her son in the middle and her husband on the bottom. It took a while to separate them and when they were successful, the son was placed in handcuffs. It was learned he had been transported to the hospital the previous night on a drug overdose.
This was during the peak of the flood and the man had been transported via Gilpin County ambulance down Clear Creek Canyon into Golden.
According to the man’s sister, he had taken two Xanax while high on some other drug. The next morning, he was loud and was told to leave. He stood on the deck and yelled at his parents saying he had smoke heroin. He then went into the kitchen to look for a knife, but was stopped so he threw his friend over the deck. He mother went to talk to him and he ended up hitting his sister and choking her. He then there his mother to the ground and punched her in the chest three times.
The father pulled him off and the two men exchanged blows, ending up on the ground where the officers found them. The son has previous assault charges against him.

On Sept. 12, a sub-contractor came to the NPD to report he had been working on a drywall installation when he realized that the owner was defrauding the town with the intended building usage. He said the owner also moved supplies and tools around on the job site and tore out some of the man’s work and completed it himself. The officer told the man that this was a small claims court issue. The man wanted the officer to stand by for 2-3 hours while he inventoried his work.
Later the contractor came to the PD to say he did not want the sub-contractor on his job site and left his tools and materials outside. The officer told the sub-contractor he should pick up his tools before it rains again.

On Sept. 17, the NPD received a call from a woman who said that her personal debit card was missing. When she searched her wallet she discovered her Costco card, Visa card and Home Depot card were also missing as well as $8 in cash.
The woman is certain the theft occurred between 8 and 9 a.m. She cancelled her personal accounts. There are no suspects at the time.

On Sept. 22, two males were reportedly in a fight at the shopping center. When the officer arrived he saw a man with blood running down from his left eye. The man said he and the suspect had passed each other when the suspect greeted him. When the man didn’t respond, the suspect used an expletive toward him.
The victim waited outside, deciding to tell the man not to talk to him ever again. The suspect punched him and the man called the police. The suspect drove off. A witness said he heard raised voices and saw the suspect punch his friend.
When the officer asked why the men were feuding, he was told that that the suspect had asked them if he could use their barn as a marijuana grow location. They refused. The suspect gave them some plants that were ‘nice looking.’
Another witness said she saw the victim go after the suspect and when the two men were face to face, they were yelling at each other but did not see any any physical interaction.
Later that day, the officer received a phone call from the suspect who wanted to give his side of the story. he stated he ran into his neighbor at the back of the store where the neighbor gave him a ‘dagger look.’ He said he said hello neighbor and the other man cussed at him. He was almost outside the store when the man grabbed his shoulders fro behind and spun him around, calling him names. The victim says the suspect tried to head butt him but stuck the bill of his cap and then spit on him, which prompted him to punch the victim. The suspect said he just wanted to get out of there before anything else happened.
The suspect said that the two men had come to him asking him to help them set up a marijuana grow in their barn and he had said he wanted nothing to do with it.
The officer reported that he couldn’t determine whether the suspect was acting in self-defense or not. The case has been forwarded to the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office.

On Sept. 23, a man came into the NPD office and reported that he witnesses a man enter the rear area of a retail shop, disassemble roll up and take a canvas dome tent belonging to him from the rear of the shop. He said the suspect left a backpack at the scene described as camouflaged desert storm brown in color. The suspect came back and retrieved the backpack.
The victim said he did not want to confront the suspect and his delay in reporting the crime was due to business endeavors. The suspect was a white male, about 40-50 years old, 5’11”, 176 pounds with short grey hair and facial hair, wearing a wool sweater, black pants with brown spandex shorts over the pants, and a camouflaged colored rain jacket.
The tent is a two-man, blue-grey, dome tent.