Panthers overrun by Denver Christian

Barbara LawlorPanthers overrun by Denver Christian
In Nederland’s chance to grab a win, they were denied the satisfaction. They hosted the Denver Christian Crusaders last Saturday, Sept. 28 and suffered a 6-50 loss. The Crusaders completed 14 passes for 170 yards and 5 touchdowns and ended with gaining 355 yards in the game. The Panthers totaled 308 yards but couldn’t translate that to points.
Both teams entered the field with a 0-3 record.
Connor Demo was named the Overall Player of the game, making 9 tackles and 3 assists and playing hard every minute he was on the field. TJ Bolt came up with Ned’s only touchdown, breaking away in the fourth quarter to run the ball into the end zone.
The Panthers are now 0-4 with four games left in the season. The next home game is against Lyons on Saturday, Oct. 5. The following week will be NHS’s Homecoming celebration and it is a great chance for the community to come and cheer on their home team, give them some encouragement to keep on playing as hard as they have been.
Game Statistics:
Passing: Michael Woods, 7 passes for 123 yards, 1 interception.
Rushing: Wood, 6 carries for 16 yards; TJ Bolt, 5 carries for 33 yards; Adam O’Melia 20 carries for 86 yards; Wyatt Wales, 10 carries for 50 yards.
Receiving: TJ Bolt 2 carries for 23 yards; Jake Auilar, 1 carrie for 4 yards; Chris Clemmer, 4 carries for 96 yards.
Tackles: Wood, 5 tackles, 3 assists; Bolt, 1 tackle; Jack Abendroth, 2 tackles, 1 assist; Adam O’Melia, 9 tackles, 4 assists; Wyatt Wales, 2 tackles, 2 assists; Jarron Dillon, 7 tackles, 4 assists; Austin O’Melia, 1 tackle; Nick Kassera, 4 tackles, 2 assists; Ike Thibedeau, 2 tackles, 2 assists; Noah Ridnell, 4 tackles, 2 assists; Skylar Pichon, 1 tackle; Connor Demo, 9 tackles, 3 assists; Keyghan Otten, 1 tackle; Ben Jurisich. 2 tackles, 2 assists.
Interceptions: Jake Abendroth made one interception for 25 yards.
Kicker Michael Wood made 2 kickoffs for 95 yards and 3 punts for 122 yards.
Kickoff Returns: Michael Wood, 2 returns for 50 yards; Jack Abendroth, 2 returns for 36 yards.