The Eagle Eclipse

MountainSpiritAstrologyLogoSoar like an eagle with the powerful Scorpio eclipse on Sunday, November 3rd. There are hybrid cars, and now we have a rare hybrid eclipse, a combination of annular, at sunrise in Eastern North America; and total, in parts of Africa. In an annular eclipse a narrow ring of the Sun is visible beyond the Moon. The Sun and Moon blend the yang and yin of Scorpio in their once-a-year new moon.

While soaring on the day of the eclipse, you will be able to gain perspective on your life, then you can take your long, strong eagle wings and direct your course exactly where you next want to fly. This is a great day to take some time from your busy schedule and envision where you would like to be in your future.

Aries – Aries, you have all sorts of ideas and projects. The eclipse on Sunday could assist you in gaining perspective in your life. With your mind, body and spirit blended as one, you can examine the many paths that appear before you and then choose the ideal direction for you.

Taurus – The winds of romance are bearing Taurus forward into the future. And this week, the wings of the eagle are also there for you. Your opposite sign of partnership, Scorpio, is starring in a total solar eclipse on Sunday. Envision the relationship and the romance that you deserve.

Gemini – It’s all happening in Scorpio — total eclipse, the destiny path and the movement of your ruling planet, lively Mercury, now reversing. The mysterious sign of Scorpio is providing perspective for you during the week ahead. Review your past and envision the road ahead.

Cancer – The Moon Children, Cancers, guided by the moon, are fascinated by this week’s stellar event — a total eclipse in sensuous Scorpio. Unique romantic experiences are in your future, and you could be the one to create them, under the direction of mysterious, beguiling Scorpio.

Leo – The solar eclipse in your fellow fixed sign Scorpio provides perspective for the portion of your star chart that illuminates the depth of your soul. Sunday is a fine day to unify yourself –body, mind and spirit. You will then be able to decide where you go in your future.

Virgo – Virgo has the ability to come up with unique solutions to the issues in your life this week. First, there is Sunday’s solar eclipse, which allows you to gain perspective on your life. Second, your ruler, Mercury, is retrograding, so you can think outside of the box, with clever ideas.

Libra – The sign that follows yours — in your case, Scorpio — traditionally brings you the ways and means to manifest your new astrological year, which starts on your birthday. On Sunday, Scorpio hosts an eclipse, allowing you to soar like an eagle above your life and gain perspective.

Scorpio – Soar like an eagle! You know that you are a Scorpio, able to define boundaries in your life. You are also symbolized by the eagle, with the ability to fly above the mountains and canyons and gain perspective on where you are and where you plan to be in 2014.

Sagittarius- In this, the month before your birthday, you are enjoined to review the last year. You are assisted by this week’s eclipse. The eagle eclipse will allow you to soar above your daily life. You can gain perspective on certain challenging events that have occurred in the past.

Capricorn- When the Sun is in Scorpio, which is now, you have the natural ability to overview your life. This week’s eagle eclipse will amplify that talent, as you envision yourself soaring over the mountains and gaining a perspective on where you have been and where you want to go.

Aquarius – Career and keen vision come together this week for the Aquarians. The eagle eclipse in Scorpio, occurring on Sunday, allows you to fly above the mountains and canyons and observe minutiae. This overview will allow you to find a missing piece in your career world.

Pisces – Sunday’s eagle eclipse activates a portion of your star chart that allows you to blend body, mind and spirit. Picture yourself soaring above your life and becoming multi-dimensional. Often in our busy lives we lose this totality. Take time on Sunday to activate your essence.

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