Concert combines choir, band and orchestra

Barbara LawlorConcert combines choir, band and orchestra
It was standing room only at Nederland Middle Senior High School’s Fall Concert. The school auditorium was packed with parents and friends of the students involved with the school music department. Fans stood in the aisles and kneeled on the floor, eager to see the performance in the popular musical event, the result of months of practice under the guidance of director Liz Evans.
The High School Orchestra included Sarina Perret, James McNamara, Emily Rumor, Keyghan Otten, Morgan Noel, Mackenzie Radandt, Ripley Duke and Layton Kasch. They performed three numbers including Clocks in which Zoey Payne-Grauch was the percussionist.
The Middle High School band included Maeve Anderson, Courtney Clemmer, Petra Schmidtmann, Grace Rhines, Adler Mueller, Akasha Siebold, Jacob Gerecht, Brieanna Sineni, Hiatt Franck, Zoey Payne-Grauch, Cody Barton and Kevin Mertz. The band performed three arrangements of English, Irish and Appalachian instrumentals.
The sixth through 12th grade choirs sang en masse, dapper in their white shirts and colored ties. At least 46 students harmonized, soloed, wiggled and signed during their performances. Solo performances by Emily Albright, Olivia Greeley, Sasha Godsil, Kylie HInkle, Hattie Bakkie, Elenor Scott, Tyler Pelkey, Ben Rubio and Mariah Ingram gave the audience a glimpse of the talent that abounds at NMSHS.
This year’s Loquations, the choir that represents Nederland in musical competitions throughout the state and country includes: Elizabeth Berumen-Gonzalez, Sam Churches, Kalina Culver, Lilian Haffey, Luke Harrison, Terah Hochhauser, Mariah Ingram, Katie Jewell, Natasha Kinczel, Tobiah Nagle, Gillian Nasty, Tyler Pelkey, Ben Rubio and Hanna Woods.
Performing complex arrangements with amazing harmonies, the Loquations are fine-tuned and well-rehearsed, demonstrating pride in their performances. They performed Since U Been Gone, which had the audience cheering, and Some Nights, bringing all their voices into play.
As usual, the Fall Concert was a huge success and already the students are working on other winter/holiday concert coming up in December.