Read in Ned, News from the Nederland Library

Geneva Mixon


The Nederland Community Library (NCL) is launching a new program called 1000 Books Before Kindergarden. The 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program is designed to help parents prepare their children for one of life’s big milestones: kindergarten. Research has proven that children build the skills they need to learn to read long before they start kindergarten. The most effective way to prepare your child for reading is to read with them. This program is open to all kids not yet in kindergarten. We encourage all the children from Nederland, Ward, Rollinsville and the surrounding Peak-to-Peak region to register for the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program be they newborns or preschoolers.


When you register at the NCL circulation desk for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program, you will receive a binder, pages to log the first 100 books, and tips to help make reading aloud one of the most enjoyable and beneficial activities you will ever share with a child. As you progress in 100 book increments, your kiddos will earn additional prizes and get new pre-reading skills to help prepare them for kindergarten and life-long learning.


On Thursday October 10th at 7pm, Kristi Blustien from Bala Ayurveda will be speaking with us. Her talk is called “Ayurveda and Your Prakruti: What Does Your Constitution Mean?” Ayruveda is a 5000-year-old medical system that originated in India.  Ayurveda teaches that every person has a unique constitution (also called your prakruti or dosha).  Your prakruti is a combination of three elements: Vata or air, pitta or fire, and kapha or earth.  Sometimes the body gets out of balance, and ayurvedic medicine offers a variety of herbal, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations to keep your prakruti or constitution in balance.


I first learned about Ayurveda this spring. I was feeling angry and irritated with the heat and still felt irritable after a wonderfully calming yoga class. I spoke with Angie Samadhi after her class at Tadasana Yoga, and she shared her personal success using ayurvedic herbs to balance her constitution. I was skeptical but feeling like I needed something to change and release my irritability. I streamed “Ayurveda: The Art of Being” on Netflix. I found the movie intriguing, but I wanted to learn more. So I began taking some of the hundreds of prakruti/dosha constitution tests that exist online. Am I oily or dry? Is my hair thinning or greying prematurely? What is my build? These are only a few of the numerous questions you will be asked if you begin exploring your prakruti online.  I was overwhelmed by the questions and the results.  Nonetheless, I did order some herbs from Banyan Botanicals (an organic Ayurvedic herb supplier based in New Mexico). Amazingly, I have had real success with several health issues (including calming my cranky disposition).


Kristi Blustien’s talk is going to be amazing in part because she is a trained professional who will help you to determine your unique prakruti or constitution.  She will be asking questions, and, in addition, she will examine your tongue, test your pulse, analyze your build, and your facial shape in order to determine your unique constitution. This is going to be a big head start for anyone who wants to explore Ayurveda. I can assure you that working with Kristi will be much more elucidating than taking online tests. Kristi will also talk generally about Ayurveda and how to correct constitutional imbalances.


I hope to see you at the Ayurvedic Medicine talk at 7pm on Thursday October 10th in the Nederland Library Community Room.