Electric, human powered car visits Wild Bear

Barbara LawlorGlobalAltenergy.org

Peter Kleckowski and Lisa Mueller left Minneola, New York, on Aug. 13 and headed west. On Monday, they were in the B&F Mountain Market parking lot, in front of the Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center, exhibiting their rare, no-longer-in-production Global Alternative Energy Alliance vehicle.
GlobalAltenergy.orgAlthough the car is both electric and human powered, it is mostly hauled in the Gaea Tours America Tour trailer. Peter demonstrates the human propelled part of the machine in parking lots.
Peter is the tour manager of the project, which is trying to move renewable, alternative energy in the right direction and give it a jump start to moving it faster. The couple has traveled to 11 cities, including a few in Canada, a total of 7,000 miles, to get to Colorado, and they intend to stay in the area for a week, enjoying the beauty of the state. Peter said this is the farthest west he has ever been and he’s loving it.
The tour’s destination is Rotary Clubs along the way. “We are going to the Rotary Clubs, trying to get them to understand that this technology is what the young people are going with.”
Mueller is the strategic manager of the tour and said that she has instilled a wanderlust in Peter. As they traveled west the couple visited small towns like Nederland as well as festivals and street fairs in which 50,000 people had a chance to see their three-wheeled, recumbent, environmentally responsible vehicle.
The Gaea is no longer available. It was built in Germany and can be seen driving around Berlin, but is considered part of the 20th Century. The tour is sponsored by Greg Ching and Solar Green and Colored Solar out of Ventura, California.
The car is powered by a lithium ion battery, which is charged by plugging it into a standard outlet. It takes six hours to charge and gets about 100 miles per charge. It can travel up to 60 miles per hour. If pedaling is used, it will get about 120 miles. It is street legal but requires a motorcycle license.
Lisa said, “We pedal when we’re not tired and don’t when we are.” The pedals are not relevant to the drive train, just to charge the battery. All the necessary controls are at the driver’s fingertips: a joystick.
Peter said he has never focused more on what his next meal will be. There is something about sitting in a car for eight hours that induces hunger attacks. The Rotary Clubs are known for their great food, and they welcomed the two travelers as if they were royalty.

They have several celebrity sponsors: Gary Lockwood, Vaughan Armstrong and JG Hartzler of Star Trek; Dan Haggerty from the Life and Times of Grizzly Adams; Mark Mendoza of Twisted Sister and Virgil Gibson of the World Famous Platters.
Their hope is to inspire Americans all across the country to look into alternative ways of traveling.