BBQ for your dog?!

Deb D’AndreaBBQ for your dog?!
Nederland, CO
While we hover over the BBQ, Fido is typically near to snap up any morsels that fall to the ground. I’ve witnessed several a smart pup eagerly watching items removed from the grill and moved to the table, wondering if any of it is for them, and if someone trips and the plate goes flying, they are right there to help clean up!

While BBQ sauces are not great for canines, if you throw on an extra burger or boneless piece of chicken, let it cool and then serve, you’ll have a happy pup. Whenever I BBQ, I always try to remember to keep one piece for them free of any additives (i.e. cheese, sauces, onions, etc.) so they can easily enjoy their BBQ while we enjoy ours. If you have leftovers, it’s always a great treat for them in following days, but if you’ve added any type of onion soup mix, garlic, sauces, cheese or other items into the meat when preparing, it’s best not to give this to your pup.

There are several recipes online, from liver to chicken to turkey you can prepare and throw on the grill for your pup. A little pre-planning and including Fido’s food items in your grocery shopping list will result in a very happy dog. Its fun also as many of the recipes you make for Fido can be made for yourself and are amazingly healthy.

Keep in mind, no cooked bones should ever be fed to your dog; and if your pup is a trash hound, it’s best to keep the trash high enough during a BBQ so they can’t stick their head in and make off with cooked bones or corn cob. These are two most consumed items that can cause a trip to the Veterinary and possibly surgery during the BBQ season.

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