On August 5, a Nederland Police officer responded to a theft report at a local business and talked to an employee who said he had secured an unknown amount of money and personal checks, the proceeds of the day into a money pouch. He put the pouch in the lower drawer on the right side of the desk located near the entrance. When he returned on Monday he discovered that some of the money was missing, approximately $395. The suspect left the $1 bills and the checks.
There was no sign of forced entry. Four employees had keys to the store. There was no physical evidence to suggest an investigative direction.

On August, 12, a Ned officer received a call from Boulder County Dispatch requesting a welfare check on a man who was last seen at restaurant in town. The man’s father talked to the officer and the businesses manager asked to also speak to the officer. She said the man had been there earlier and was drinking heavily with two other people and then left. The officer asked the man’s father to accompany him to his son’s residence.
Boulder County Dispatch told the officer there was a mandatory protection order in place that says the man shall not possess or consume alcoholic beverages. The man came out of his bedroom and the officer detect a distinct odor of alcohol on the man’s breath and his speech was slurred and he had difficulty maintaining his balance. The man was arrested and transported to the Boulder County Jail.

On Aug. 12, an office on the preceding welfare check talked to the bar manager who said two customers had pushed her and caused a disturbance by screaming and using obscenities in and out of the restaurant. The next day, the officer contacted the manager for a follow-up. She told him that an employee had closed the restaurant for the evening and then was taken home. The two customers who had been drinking heavily with the man stayed the manager asked them to leave. While cleaning up she found two empty Bacardi bottles behind the bar. Both of them had recently been full.
One of the customers, a woman, got off her bar stool and screamed and cussed. The manager told her to leave, at which point the male customer came between the two women and shoved the manager, yelling at her, saying that she couldn’t talk to his wife that way. The manager demanded both of them leave and the woman left, screaming. Her husband dropped down on one once and asked for forgiveness, but was once again told to leave. The customers both came inside and screamed and cussed again before they left.
One of the employees reported that the couple had tried to get her to serve them liquor and she refused, so the couple went behind the bar and served themselves from the bottle. Charges of harassment and disorderly conduct have been filed against the couple
On Aug. 12, an officer was called to a local business on a reported theft. The manager said that a resident had her bank envelope containing $87 in cash and her driver’s license stolen from the counter top. The manager reviewed the surveillance camera tape and identified the suspect taking the banks envelope and the the ID from the counter top. It showed a white male, 5’6″ and about 190 pounds wearing a hunter green colored shirt and short pants. The suspect is balding and has a horseshoe hairline.
The manager knows the suspect and says he lives in Col Creek Canyon. He left in a small pickup truck driven by a male she also knows.

On Aug. 11, a Ned officer stopped a blue/grey colored sedan at the traffic circle. The vehicle was wanted for a traffic violation that occurred in Gilpin County. The suspect was in the company of two other vehicles wanted for the same traffic violation. When clearing the drivers through dispatch, he learned that one of them was wanted on a Failure To Appear warrant issued out of Denver. A Gilpin Deputy arrived and issued warnings to all three drivers. The first driver was arrested for driving without a valid driver’s license. He was transported to the Boulder County Jail.

On Aug. 16, a NPD officer responded to the department to meet with a man who said he is a transient camping in the West Mag area with his fiancé. He met four other campers, a man and two females, who said they were leaving for california. They were possibly driving a Nissan Versa, black, with a damaged front bumper, with Pennsylvania plates. When the group arrived in Nederland they went shopping. Once inside they dispersed. When they got to the register, one of the men became verbally abusive with the clerk and walked out. The victims saw them get into the Nissan, which then raced out of the parking lot. He tried running after them, but they disappeared down the canyon.
The victim’s belongings were in the car, including a black and silver colored camping knife with a sheath, a black backpack with a cell phone solar charger, clothes, toiletry items, food and $500 cash, about $700 value in all.a
The victim said he had been looking to buy an RV. At this time an investigation has been initiated.

On Aug. 23, an NPD officer responded to the intersection of 119 and 130 on a report of two men fighting. When he arrived he talked to the man parked on the eastbound side of the highway who had several small scrapes on his face. He said he wasn’t sure what happened. The officer noticed a man and woman walking away from the location and he went to talk to them, but they had no involvement. The first man said he was with a friend at his Gilpin County home earlier in the day when he received a text from another person using slanderous language. The message upset him so he drove to Nederland to confront the texter.
He parked his car near the other man’s house and walked to his driveway to ‘call him out.’ The other man ran down the driveway and struck the first man in the face with his fist, about four times. The suspect ran back to his house and the first man called the police. The officer went to the house of the suspect and noticed that he had several fresh scrapes on his right hand knuckles.
The suspect admitting punching the first man in the face, because he was in fear and knew the man carried a long knife in the waist band of his pants. No knife was located. He said he had a really bad temper and knew what he did was wrong. The incident was allegedly all about an affair with the woman. The first man said he didn’t want to press charges. The officer said he would issue summons to them both. The first man was issued a disorderly conduct summons for inciting an immediate breach of peace and the second man received a summons for hitting the first man in the face.

On Aug. 24, an officer, on his assigned shift at the Nedfest was standing near the main stage when a young woman ran up to him and said he was needed immediately in front of the sound booth; that a male party was ‘going mad.’
He saw a man in a flannel shirt being pointed at by two other men. The man appeared angry and was shouting at a female, who was holding a child by the hand and had another one in a stroller. As the officer approached, he was informed that the man had slapped the woman, hard enough that the sound could be heard over the music.
The officer pulled the suspect away from the female and placed him in handcuffs. A local female firefighter was asked to take the female to the first aid tent. The officer then led the suspect away from the crowd. He noticed a strong odor of alcohol on the man’s breath and he was aggressive and belligerent. He said the female was his wife and she told him she was leaving him. A BCSO deputy arrived to assist and the Ned officer went to see how the woman was doing. She said she and suspect had been married 20 years. She had taken the children to the toilet and the suspect had called her cell phone many times during that time. When she approached him he demanded to know where she been. Then he hit her. She was shocked by the assault and said her ear was hurting her. She was sober and calm. The officer contacted victim services and the man was charged with domestic violence and third degree assault.

On Aug. 26, two NPD officers were dispatched to a trespass at a local lodge. The employee said a man had come in and fallen asleep and she told him to leave. He said he was dizzy and could not get up. On the second floor the officer found a male lying on the floor behind a coffee table. He had blood on the side of his head and he said he fell down the steps. The officer called NFPD EMTs.
The suspect is chronic homeless person who had a backpack with a plate and a bagel on top of it. He was transported to Boulder Community Hospital. The hotel owner said the man had been caught several times eating the hotel food and trying to climb in a window. She said she wanted to press charges. When the officer contacted the hospital later, the suspect was still being treated. No summons was issued.

On Aug. 30, a man walked into the NPD to file a report against a ground work contractor who was hired to do some excavating. The man said the work was unsatisfactory and the contractor had failed to show up for work on several occasions. He offered to pay the man for work completed and then fired him.
The suspect has since then made threats of retaliation and said he would ruin the main contractor’s reputation. On the day of the report the suspect allegedly parked near the construction site and glared at the homeowner and workers. The owner wanted a report on file in anticipation of possible physical harm against him or his property. No criminal charges are being pursued at this time.