Police Department welcomes new officer

Barbara Lawlor

It takes a lot of gumption to change careers mid-life. Chuck Geiger, 38, owned his own business, seemed set in his life and then realized he wanted to do more. He wanted to serve the larger good and help people.
Last Thursday, Aug.15, the Nederland Police Department swore in rookie officer Geiger as the newest part-time member of its law enforcement force. A crowd of Geiger’s family and friends gathered with him in front of the Nederland Town Hall as NPD Chief Jake Adler did the honors.
In a special moment, Geiger’s mother, Barbara, pinned on his badge, the symbol of being a part of the Nederland police family. Chief Adler opened the ceremony thanking everyone for attending and saying, “This is a huge moment for Chuck.”
Officer Geiger’s father, Frank, said he was proud of his son. “He wants this and worked very hard for it.”
Estes Park Police Officer Ryan McAuley attended the police academy with Geiger and wanted to make sure that everyone knew the new officer’s official nickname was OB, or One-Bullet, from the Andy Griffith Show.
Officer Geiger took the kidding with a good natured shrug. He was where he wanted to be and didn’t mind having a nickname. He was from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and moved to Loveland with his family in 1983. During his high school years he worked for his father in the family appliance and installation business.
In 1997, Geiger carried on the family tradition and began his own business and was successful in securing contracts with major stores, including Sears. After 13 years, he decided to change careers.
“I have always been a person who wants to help others and I have always had respect for law enforcement officers. They make the community safer.” Geiger closed the doors of his business and began doing research, including many ride-alongs in Loveland and Larimer County. He found he enjoyed the camaraderie of the officers, and he enjoyed meeting the people in the community.
“It was all about helping people and educating them.”
After three months, he knew he wanted to be an officer. He enrolled in the Ames Community College Police Academy in Greeley, a one-year course, and graduated on June 5, 2012. He became a community service officer in Estes Park and a security officer in Fort Collins.
When he heard about an opening in Nederland he jumped at the chance to apply. He was hired a few weeks ago as a two-day part-time officer in Nederland. He will maintain his security position in Fort Collins. He said his goal is to become well-known in the Nederland community and to have people feel comfortable in approaching him, asking questions and asking for help. He will be working on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Geiger has a girlfriend, rides motorcycles, golfs and hikes and has a large collection of hats.
“I look forward to this opportunity of keeping Nederland a safe community,” he said after the ceremony and before he and his entourage of supporters went to lunch.