Gilpin County Fair Rodeo results and info

Sun shines on Gilpin County Fair

Barbara Lawlor
Gilpin County

gilpin-fairgrounds-rodeo Ever since the first Gilpin County Fair, organizers have crossed their fingers, offered
up prayers and hoped they wouldn’t have to come up with a plan B in case of a monsoon
storm in the middle of the afternoon. Sometimes they lucked out. Sometimes they didn’t.
Last weekend, Aug. 17 and 18, they hit the jackpot. Sunshine blessed the fairground. The
vendors didn’t have to chase their tents. The arena remained dry, and the fairgoers got
to stay all day long.
Some changes this year included placing the stage events in the gymnasium of the Gilpin
County Community Center along with vendors. Vendors also filled the exhibition hall,
which featured some new attractions.
Gilpin resident Damien Webster introduced his Baja truck Gilbilly, a 1993 Toyota with
extended cab and super charged, sporting battle wounds of dents and rust and mud that
might never come off. Webster has been racing for three years, and former Gilpin resident
Peter Long is often his co-pilot.
Webster said he has been first in his class for two years and is looking for a sponsor.
Next to Webster’s Baja truck was a racing car and a video simulator, which drew a line of
eager drivers who wanted to see how fast they could go and not crash.
Always a favorite, the mutton busting contest drew dozens of young cowboys and cowgirls
who couldn’t wait to wrap their fingers in the oily wool of a rambunctious sheep who
wanted them off. A few of the kids rode the sheep to a standstill.
Most of them were dumped onto the dust. Some were kind of trampled, and one of them
stayed on the sheep even after she rolled over onto her side and lay on the ground.
Everyone won a ribbon.
On Sunday, the last of the summer gymkhanas took place. Most of the contestants had
competed in the previous two events and were riding to come out on top in this final
The annual Gourmet Baking Contest resulted in the yummiest of entries, which were
auctioned off after the judging took place. Sometimes the bidding became competitive
resulting in $20 treats sold to the lucky top dollar bidder.

Gilpin Gourmet Contest, 2013 Winners
1. Alexandra Berumen Bonzalez, Peanut Butter Squares
1. Carly Johnson, oreo truffles
1.Sandra Staab, Toffee with pecans
2. Sharon Hein, Mint Chocolate Almond Bark
3. Sandra Staab, Cocoa Carmels

1. Shelley Theriot, and Best of Show, Pineapple Mango Habenero Jam
2. Linda Watson, Peach Jam
3. Susan Mays, Apricot Conserve

1. Dallas LeBeau, Palmiers, Elephant Ears
2. Dusty LeBeau, Toasted Almond Florentine
1. Elizabeth Berumen Gonzalez, Blueberry Sour Cream Bundt Cake
2. Eric and Robert Castillo, Chocoflan
1. Chris Mueller, “Put The Lime In the Coconut Pie”
2. Ken Pinson, Fantasia Puffs
3. Gail Watson, Grandpa’s Chocolate Cake

Breads, Rolls, Desserts
1. Chris Mueller, Stone Ground Wheat with Green Chiles and Cheddar
2. Chris Mueller, Lemon Coconut Bread
3. Sharon Hein, Strawberry Pecan Bread

The annual Dog Agility Contest organized by Casey Newman was held in the BMX course in
the parking lot. This is always an awesome display of discipline and partnership between
a dog and his or her owner. It is also funny, adorable and full of surprises.
The winner was Sukie who went through the course with Keely and Kristi Schmidt, Gilpin
County students, who said they trained their dog together.
A demonstration run was presented by Gerry Fawcett and his border collie, Anu, who has
won often enough to not be able to win again, but Anu could not be stopped. The brown and
white athlete went through the course at top speed not waiting for her person to tell her
what to do. She knew the course and bounded under, over, through and around the
obstacles, grinning the whole time.
One of the highlights of the fair was a spectacular demonstration from the Timberline
Fire Protection District, in which they burned down the Chief’s House, including the
furniture inside of it. Chief Chris Jennings explained the new technology of their
compressed air foam engines.
Once the flames roiled black smoke and exploded with the built up gases, the
firefighters hit the blaze, putting the fire out almost instantly. The crowd gasped at
the intensity of the fire and then at the efficiency of the firefighters.
Buffalo Bill showed up with a couple of gunslingers to show the spectators in the stands
how justice was dealt out in the Wild West. Bank robbers and western-style terrorists
were left dead or dying in the dirt of the arena as the audience cheered Wild Bill on. He
was happy to take a bow.
Throughout the day, children were flung into the air at the end of a bungee cord,
enabling them to flip, somersault and fly to their heart’s desire. A padded paddle that
bonked players off their platforms was a new attraction that was kept busy by kids who
thought they could outsmart the machine that seemed to read their mind.
A talent show gave wannabe performers a chance to croon, or to belt our their favorite
tune. Playground Theater performed with its usual energy and flamboyant style.
And there was food: barbecue and Juanita’s burritos, kabobs, snow cones and homemade
root beer and, of course, funnel cakes. Fair fare.
It was a great weekend for mountain folk and flatland visitors to enjoy family fun and
getting together with their neighbors. It was another successful Gilpin County Fair.


8 – 10 YOA
1st – Matthew MacGregor
2nd – Dallas
3rd – Danielle Miller
 Ari Vair

11- 14
1st – Tristan Anderle
2nd – Riley Lovingier
3rd – Nathan

15 – 18 YOA
1st – Caleb Hoppes
2nd – Connor
3rd – Bjorn Tomlinson

Air Rifle

8 – 10
1st – Skye Orndoff-Keller
2nd – Dallas LeBeau
3rd – Ari

11- 14 YOA
1st – Devin Valen
2nd – Mike Wenholz
3rd –
Tristan Anderle

15 – 18 YOA
1st – Caleb Hoppes
2nd – Bjorn
3rd – Connor Holland

Talent Show

Best of Show – Sarah Trujillo

1st Place – Aubrey Allen

10 – 13 YOA
1st Place – Madi
2nd Place – Jessi Duncan
3rd Place – Nevaeh LaJudice

– 17 YOA
1st Place – Mary Dean
2nd Place – Lindsey James


1st Place – Karla Fuller
2nd Place – Glen Schmidt
3rd Place – Cammy

1st Place – Julie and Lindsey James

NASCAR Simulator
Ken Kessler

Wood Splitting Contest
Brian Clemmer – Trophy Winner

Horseshoes Contest
Howard Roche – Trophy Winner

Gymkhana Buckle Series Winners(High points total from three events)
Under 5 – Mericia Vanpelt
6-8 Years – William Siegrist
9-11 Years – Dakota Shuler
12 – 14 Years – Mikaela Kugel
15 – 17 Years – Ali Nelson
18 and UP – Nancy Mulholland

August Gymkhana Results
Under 5 – No entries
6-8 Years – William Siegrist
9-11 Years – Dakota Shuler
12 – 14 Years – Mikaela Kugel
15 – 17 Years – Ali Nelson
18 and UP – Denise Loos
Under 5 – No Entries
6-8 Years – William Siegrist
9-11 Years – Dakota Shuler
12 – 14 Years – No Times
15 – 17 Years – Ali Nelson
18 and UP – Nancy Mulholland

Under 5 – Mericia Vanpelt
6-8 Years – Kacie McCollum
9-11 Years – Dakota Shuler
12 – 14 Years – Mikaela Kugel
15 – 17 Years – Ali Nelson
18 and UP – Amy VanPelt