End Game

MountainSpiritAstrologyLogoThe lioness and the lion remain in possession of the iron throne for one more week, until Aug. 23. On that date Virgo assumes control of the heavens. This is the final week for the court of the queen and king of the beasts. Children and creativity are the themes that are honored at this time. The celebrations continue; the banners are hung from the ramparts.

This is the ideal week for you to rejoice in the heart of the height of summer. Plan hikes and picnics and celebration the perfection of nature in the mountains. Appreciate your own creativity; continue developing your expertise in your favorite area. Take a group of children of all ages to the carousel. Enjoy the sunlight and the wildflowers.

Aries March 21 – April 20

Your fellow fire sign, the large feline, luxuriates in leonine living for one more zodiac week. Enjoy the final week with the lions before orderly Virgo resumes control of the heavens. Party and dance and celebrate the height of the summer over the course of these final lion days.

Taurus April 21 – May 21

Decorating your mountain castle indoors and out is your theme during the week ahead, the final portion of starry time allocated to the sign of Leo. Precise Virgo will arrive in just seven days, changing the direction of the stars. Remember to feature patio dining with good friends.

Gemini May 22 – June 21

The twins are gliding through the summer days, appreciating the sunshine and the mountain wildflowers. Themes for you include lively ideas about what to do with the sunny days that remain and inventive ideas about bringing your career into more financial success.

Cancer June 22 – July 22

The Moon Children are appreciating the sunshine and new ventures in their lives. The cosmos is encouraging you to leap forward in life like a lion. This is the ideal year for you to expand your career, or open a romantic chapter in your life, or purchase a vacation home.

Leo July 22 – Aug. 22
The lions are at court for one final week. The royalty of the heavens is roaring to the other signs to celebrate summer. Drape banners from the ramparts in the castle. During the year ahead, the unique expression of your own individual ideas is favored, so develop expansive plans

Virgo Aug. 23 -Sept. 23
In only one week you will start both your birthday celebrations and your new astrological year. Over the next seven days, take time to engage in some sort of Leonine activity: a garden party, an art opening or a dance in the moonlight with someone special, to honor summer.

Libra Sept. 24 – Oct. 23
The last riotous days of summer approach, before you bring the cool hand of fall into the realm of the stars. With Uranus, the planet of unexpected events, in your opposite sign, you are becoming adept at graciously handling surprises. Why not be very social during Leo’s last week?

Scorpio Oct. 24 – Nov. 22
Leo has caused you to examine your public persona over the past month. Now that you have a grip on public performances and appearances, you will appreciate the gentle approach of the next sign, Virgo. In one week, you will feel the calm entrance of the new astrological sign.

Sagittarius Nov. 23 – Dec. 21
The loyal lions are ruling the stars for their last week. The leonine presence has inspired you to view the entire world as your terrain. Perhaps you have been planning world-class adventures, or starting new endeavors that encourage society to assist everyone everywhere.

Capricorn Dec. 22 – Jan 20
Spiritual inspiration and corporate mergers have been two of the themes for the mountain goats over the past months. Life will feel less pressured for you in about a week, when your fellow earth sign Virgo starts to encompass the zodiac with calm, rational inspiration.

Aquarius Jan. 21 – Feb. 19
People everywhere have been populating your life during the past month in which the
Sun has been in your opposite sign of partnership. During the month ahead the social whirl in your world continues, but at a calmer pace, which will feel more comfortable and collected.

Pisces Feb. 20- March 20
Mystic crystal revelations move into multi-dimensions for you, under the guidance of your ruling planet, Neptune, now in your sign for another 10 years. Business endeavors have strong potential for success over the next two years as well. Enjoy the summer wildflowers.

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