Dog Toys, More than a Ball!

Deb D’Andrea
Nederland, CO
Dogs playing with toysWhen most people think about playing with their dog, they’ll go grab a ball, a Frisbee or a stick, the traditional dog toys dogs love to play with. There are tug toys and rope toys and even all natural hemp toys; but what if your dog wants that extra little something to tease their brain, to make them think, to keep them busy. You’d be surprised how many interactive dog toys are available now, and how they help your dog stay busy while you’re away or entertaining.

One of the better known engineers, Nina Ottosson, has introduced a line of ten interactive dog toys, and a few cat toys, called “Zoo Active Games.” The puzzles are composed of wood and particle board, and are designed to be for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. One of the Zoo Active Games interactive toy is the “Dog Tornado” which has four layered disks, three have round slots to place treats in and the four layer is the top. Using their nose and paws, the dogs will rotate the layers to get to the treat! In the beginning, you’ll probably need to show your dog how it works, but they’ll figure it out eventually providing much entertainment for them and you.

You can find the Zoo Active Games available online and in stores, and they vary in price. Some of the more common interactive toys are refillable treat toys where the dog needs to rotate the toy in such a way to have the treats dispensed. These types of toys are more commonly found in stores and a quick web search of Interactive Dog Toys returned several links of fun toys of all sorts to share with your pup.

Of course, there’s also Dog TV, a TV channel developed exclusively for canines offering 24/7 programming to “stimulate, entertain, relax and habituate” your dogs senses. I have several clients who have purchased this and leave it on for their pups while they’re away or busy; and I know several dogs who love watching it!

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