Dear Editor

Newspaper Delivery
Dear Editor,local news delivery service

Due to an unfortunate auto accident my father had in Connecticut I will be
discontinuing my Newspaper delivery service of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal,
Daily Camera and Denver Post.

I will finish my delivery service this Wednesday August 21.

I have delivered the Newspapers here now for 12 years and I drove over
a 100 miles a day thru all kind of weather conditions..

I love our beautiful Country side and I have had many wonderful wild
life experiences..

My Dad was driving in Connecticut when his car was hit by another car
on the drivers side. The accident has caused him to have 8 broken ribs.

He will need assistant living and I am going back to CT. to help him and pack up his
household things into a moving van and take him back to Colorado…

He is a 92 year old WW2 veteran and he was an aerospace engineer as his profession…

I will miss all my good friends who I have delivered to and the night
time skies, sunrises and our country side..

So after the 22nd of August I will not be responsible or any missing
Newspapers etc.

My last pay check is this Tuesday.

If you would like to send me a contribution for your appreciation of my
service you will have to send it to my home address because

I will not be receiving any more checks thru the Newspaper agency.

I wish you all well, good fortune and wonderful adventures..

Happy trails to you,

John Piazza

John Piazza
5505 Valmont rd. # 249
Boulder, Colorado 80301