A time for new beginnings

imagesSummer vacation has ended. Two and a half months of having the children home, enjoying family time and in many cases, looking forward to sending them back to the classroom.
Last week, Gilpin County schools flung open their doors and welcomed the return of students. Today, Nederland children scrambled off the buses, loaded down with backpacks and school supplies, and greeted their friends as if it had been years.
The bells rang and everything was back to normal. Your children will spend most of the day under the supervision of teachers and administrators. One of the most supportive activities a parent can do is to become involved in their kids’ schools.
Nederland Middle/Senior High School has two new members of the administrative staff, whom Principal Lynn Donnelly and a parent committee fought hard to get. Jack Taylor, the athletic director, and Assistant Principal Greg Cuevara, are eager to add their expertise and enthusiasm to address some of last year’s issues with discipline and declining enrollment.
Now is the time to become involved in school activities, to get to know the people who are role models for your children. Volunteer, put in some time with the Booster Club, be at the games cheering the teams, letting them know their hard work is praiseworthy. Attend school plays and concerts and special events. Participate in parent/teacher conferences to better understand the challenges your student is meeting or struggling with.
If you show academic and athletic support of your child, he or she will know you are there to help them and are addressing their concerns by communicating with school personnel; that you and the teachers are a team cheering your kid on to personal victories.
This is the time to encourage your students to become involved in sports or drama or special clubs. The more involved they are in school activities, the more they are empowered as an active member of the school team, all of which is reflected in grades and attitudes.
Help the teachers and staff help your children to be successful in school. There are many ways to become engaged in your student’s life away from home. Just ask. Your involvement will make a difference in your child’s life, their teacher’s life and in the community in which you live.
Begin the new school year with optimism and enthusiasm; it is contagious.