15th Annual NedFest

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Nederlandnedfest 2013

This is the second year Ned Fest has been produced by the Peak to Peak Music Education Association, which has carried on Nederland’s largest music event since Michigan Mike Torpe’s death. Mike left behind a letter stating specifically how he wanted NedFest to continue and asked that Rob Savoye be named the chairman of the Board of Directors. Savoye said he actually does no more than any other member of the board.
“It would be unfair to assume I do anything more than anyone else. It’s the hard work of the BOD and the other volunteers that makes NedFest what it is.”
Savoye came from back east, from West Virgina, because of the climbing opportunities. He says theremountain Standard Time weren’t much ice climbing nor alpine rock opportunities back in W.Va, and the backcountry skiing isn’t very good either.
He actually has no music production experience for what he has accomplished with NedFest, but he hasRob Savoy Nedfest  2013 worked many festivals over the last three decades, primarily as an electrician and security, Emergency Services Personnel.
“I’ve always focused on the infrastructure and operation of NedFest with Mike. He did everything else that would be considered music producer. Nowadays everything is handled by the board of directors of the PPMEA, and I still focus on pulling electrical cables…”
Savoye was with the festival since the very beginning, which actually began at Chipeta Park. BeforeNedFest he used to host a large August concert at his house, but he e0ventually got tired of having it in his front yard. So he joined forces with Mike to do NedFest as he was having similar issues.”
The first year featured bands that Mike was representing at the time, and everyone played for free. “It also rained heavily, and all the power in town went out for many hours, so we took a year or so to recover before doing it again at the ball field instead,” remembers Savoye.
Now, the 15th anniversary of NedFest being held once again in the ball field and it will probably be the last year of being there.
“It’s been interesting to see it grow over the years, and this is also the second year the current staff has managed to keep NedFest going without Mike’s help.
Savoye said he hopes NedFest will continue as an annual summer music festival in Nederland, and will continue to support music programs for mountain children and teens.
“This is what Mike wanted, so we’re trying to follow through on his vision.”