Nederland Police investigate domestic violence, theft

Barbara Lawlor

handcuffsOn June 8, about 4:30 a.m., a Nederland Police Department officer was dispatched to investigate a possible domestic violence incident. A drive-by witness saw a female who was engaged in a verbal altercation with a male and asked the witness to call 911. The female was described as being barefoot and talked about a smashed window.
When the officer arrived he didn’t see the couple so he searched the area for about an hour. He found two people who were walking a dog and said they had seen a man with blood on his face heading towards the reservoir.
Still unable to find the subjects, the officer talked to a woman who was walking her dog and said she had seen both the man and the woman and they were having a heated argument. The woman was obviously in distress and trying to get away from the man. The woman said she saw them head to the lodge and try to slide open an exterior window.
The officer went to lodge and was told the woman had asked for refuge from the man. When the officer talked to the victim, she said the man freaked out and hit himself in the head with a pipe; she suspected he was somewhere near the lodge and injured.
She told the officer she feared for her life and safety. The officer went to the couple’s home and saw glass and blood by the window frame. The officer saw the man lying on the floor, preparing a marijuana pipe. When the officer told him to come to the door, he was taken into custody and became antagonistic and verbally uncooperative. He began to strike his head on the metal support posts of the patrol car.
The suspect yelled, “Why should I not hurt myself. I have nothing to live for.” The officer called for medical response. The suspect continued to yell obscenities, and he was taken to the Nederland Police Department where he refused to let medical personnel examine him.
It was decided to move the man to the hospital. He was removed from the patrol car and secured onto a gurney and then put into the ambulance.
When he arrived at the hospital, the man threatened to file a law suit and said he was going to burn down the hotel. He received medical clearance and was taken to the Boulder County Jail where he was charged with Harassment, Domestic Violence and Criminal Mischief.
On June 13, an officer parked at Highway119 and Lakeview Drive saw three people, two males and a female, walking toward him. He recognized two of them from a domestic violence arrest the previous weekend and knew there was a protection order in place preventing the man and woman from being together.
When the couple noticed the patrol car, the woman hid behind the foot bridge and the man approached the officer. He denied that the woman was the domestic violence victim. The officer walked to where the woman was hiding and the man took off running. The officer searched the area for two hours but was unable to locate the suspect.
The next day, June 14, the officer received a call saying about a possible domestic violence taking place at Chipeta Park. A witness said he saw the man standing over the woman in the pavilion. The officer found the man in the park and placed him in custody and transported him to the jail.
On June 15, a Nederland officer was asked by a Boulder County Sheriff’s deputy to assist with a group of transients burning an illegal campfire at a campsite on Magnolia Road. When the officer arrived, he met with members of the Timberline Fire Protection District. The officer talked to three people, one of whom had an active warrant out of Boulder County. He was placed under arrest and transported to Boulder County Jail.
On June 21, a Town employee called the Police Department saying two men were fighting at the Nederland Visitor’s Center. When the officer arrived he was met by one of the men involved who was working as lot security.
He said that as he was moving some barricades, he saw a man driving past ‘flip him off,’ and heard him scream profanities. The driver then made a U-turn on the highway and parked his truck and got out, approaching the Town employee.
The man continued to yell profanities and call him names and at one point the suspect ‘chest bumped’ the employee who felt threatened and was afraid of the man’s actions. The employee said he had had four various encounters with the man this past year. He said they used to be friends. He wanted to file charges against his former friend.
The officer contacted the suspect in a local bar and found the man to be upset, too upset to be engaged in a conversation. Witnesses agreed with the employee’s statement that he remained calm and did not provoke the suspect.
While the officer was interviewing the witnesses, he heard a loud, long car horn. The suspect had driven past the Town employee.
The officer went to the suspect’s house and the man said he was sorry. The officer told the man he would receive a summons for harassment and disorderly conduct.
On June 22, a man came to the Police Department to report that his bicycle had been stolen from the bike rack in the Caribou Village Shopping Center. He said he had not locked the bike. When he went to get his bike, he found it was gone.
The bike is a K2, full-size men’s frame, single suspension frame, black with orange wheel release locks on both wheels, 21 speed with rear deck for saddle bag mounts, missing a reflector on the back side and with cats eye headlights. The value of the bike is $600. The case is open pending further information.