Saying Goodbye

Deb D’Andrea
Nederland, CO
Wow, what a past couple weeks it’s been. I’ve had so many friends and clients say goodbye to their canine companions due to various issues, it’s been a whirlwind of sadness and emotion. The thing that always surprises me is how some people are like, well; it’s just a dog or just a cat as if you aren’t supposed to feel the loss of their presence in your life. For many, the pain and loss is greater than losing a human loved one. You are losing a loved one, a family member, a part of your pack.

Everyone has a different grieving process, with some going through the grieving process quickly and othersSaying goodbye experiencing years of remorse. Did they try hard enough to save them, how could they have changed the outcome, and all the unanswered why’s. Then working through the empty space they leave in your heart, the sadness when you see a toy or remember walking a trail with them by your side. Even if your companions passing were a positive thing due to old age, health issues or other issues, it’s never easy to say goodbye.

Our positive memories of time spent with our companions, our brief history and fun times shared with them, and remembering the lovely times together can help to work through the grief. Grief is a very personal emotion, and for children it may be their first experience with death.

When I was a kid we had to put a kitty to sleep because it was beyond rehabilitation by the time it was put on the front door of my house. We had saved so many, but this poor kitty was just too far gone. To this day I understand we did the right thing, my parents explaining to me what was going on and that we had to do the humane thing and put the kitty to sleep. At a very young age I understood that sometimes you’re just too sick, your body has failed, that it’s time to say goodbye and I thank my parents for explaining to me what was going on. I feel that has helped me deal with the death of companions I’ve had throughout my life.

But with that said, I also know it’s a very hard topic as several of my friends never understood and never had their parents explain these difficult topics to them. It’s never easy, even if it is the path that makes the most logical sense. I have several who call me, ask me to come over, and ask if it’s time.

A big hug goes out to all who have had to put their beloved companion to rest. While a difficult decision moving forward, every time I add to my pack I know one day I’ll be making that decision again but wouldn’t change a thing as I love having these wonderful loving beings in my life.

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