This Week’s Weather 6/5/2013

By John McGinley

May A Very Wet Month

May precipitation continued our wet spring by contributing over 3 inches to bring our total to 7.5 inches since March 21. The total of 3.23 inches was about a half inch above normal. May ended up being snowier than normal with 13 inches, 3 inches above normal. Highs and lows were right near average for the month with the average high of 59F and a low of 35F. The last few days of May were very active with strong upper level systems that brought showers and high winds. Winds hit over 60mph on Thursday and Friday. Ironically these were the only two “windy” days (over 40mph) for the month.  Temperatures soared into the upper 70s Sunday and Monday with very dry conditions and moderate winds that caused the fire danger to soar. A font moved  in early Tuesday  and brought significant thundershowers and  rain. One small fire broke out near Evergreen on Monday but was out by Tuesday helped along by the favorable weather.

Day     Date                High    Low     Precip              Comments

Wed    May 29            56        37        0.13L

Thu      May 30            50        35        0.12L               Gusts to 60mph1326759646_0

Fri        May 31            56        38                                Gusts to 61mph

Sat       Jun  1               57        38

Sun      Jun  2              76        30

Mon     Jun  3               77        46

Tue      Jun  4               67        37        0.16L


June’s high temperature averages 70F with lows of 40F. June typically has 1.86 inches of precipitation with an inch of snow… it’s not over yet. June isn’t real windy with only two days over 40mph.

For the coming week we’ll see a few showers Thursday and Friday. The jetstream will pull to the north over the weekend bringing in warm, dry southwest flow that will bring us our first 80F highs. Fire danger will be high so keep aware.

Thursday-Jun 6: Partly cloudy with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 60s after lows in the low 40s.

Friday-Jun 7: Partly cloudy with a chance of showers. Highs near 70 after lows in the mid 40s,

Saturday-Jun 8: Fair and warmer with highs in the mid 70s after lows in the mid 40s.

Sunday-Jun 9: Real summer feel as the high will reach 80. Low near 50.

Monday-Jun 10: Fair, dry with highs in the low 80s after lows in the low 50s.

Tuesday-Jun 11: Like Monday.

 Wednesday-Jun 12: Like Tuesday.