Nederland Comprehensive Plan Update

Comp plan comments due June 19

Barbara Lawlor

On Wednesday, June 5, Nederland Comprehensive Plan Update consultants Elena Scott ofNed Comp Plan consultants Norris Design and Melissa Sherburne of SE Group, after almost a year of extensive input from the Nederland community, had an open house to discuss the 2013 Comprehensive Plan Update. In 2010 the community was asked to envision the year 2020 and to describe what it was it would look like.
It was revealed that the 2020 community’s greatest assets would be the diverse people who live, work, play and contribute to all aspects of our one of a kind mountain community. It is a place where the children thrive and people connect; neighbors know and care for one another and community members are proud of our town. Nederland has a “small is beautiful, less is more” approach, but residents internalize a model of sustainability in which a healthy society comes from a healthy economy and a healthy environment is essential for both.
In seven years, the elected leaders will be qualified, competent and representative of the entire community, committed to open and clear communication. Nederland will provide arts and culture, education and community activities that include the entire community and proved opportunities for youth. Every student will be given the opportunity to succeed regardless of ability. 2020 will ensure that that Nederland’s aging population remains healthy and an active part of the community.

Some of the goals defined by the Envision 2020 process follow

Last Wednesday, representatives of the SE Group and Norris Design, of Frisco, introduced the Comprehensive Plan Update draft to about 20 people. The 2013 plan update was discussed in general terms by Sherburne and Scott, the representatives who guided the session to the discussion of who we are and what we want to be. The draft is now ready for approval by the Planning Commission and by the Nederland Board of Trustees. It is open to the public by logging onto the website below.
The plan is to bring in more public comments by June 19 and present the update to the planning commission in July. Facilitator Elena Scott told the public that because of Nederland’s proximity to Boulder, change is inevitable. It is how we handle growth that will make the difference.
Sherburne told the group that the comprehensive plan is to be used with an action plan to reach applicable decisions. It is a tool to accomplishment.
A hard copy of the comprehensive plan update is available for viewing at Town Hall, or please click on the link
Please offer your input in writing to: Town of Nederland, Attn: Comp Plan, PO Box 396, Nederland, CO, 80466, or via e-mail at The deadline to write in is Wednesday, June 19.