Development Authority deals with interrupted meeting

Pam North

The Nederland Downtown Development Authority (NDDA) met on Wednesday, June 12, at the Nederland Community Center. Donna Sue Kirkpatrick gave an update on the Adopt-A-Planter project, informing the Board that the bridge plantings were being completed as the final phase of the project. She requested ideas for thanking the contributors of $810 in donations.
Previous donor signs on the planters had disappeared or been damaged, but it was decided not to replace them. Kirkpatrick also mentioned she had talked with Conor Merrigan of C2 Sustainability, who has been associated as project manager with the NedPed project, about the idea of using historic artifacts around town, which could utilize the donated mining equipment from the Nederland Area Historical Society. Kirkpatrick stated that four large pieces and two smaller pieces need to be moved and stored.
Pat Everson explained that Mayor Joe Gierlach had requested a joint workshop for the NDDA and the Nederland Board of Trustees (BOT) on Aug, 27, and that, in anticipation of that, the NDDA should schedule a workshop with Town Administrator Alisha Reis an hour prior to the July 17 meeting, to which the board agreed. The purpose of the workshop would be to gather thoughts on the Development Authority’s future, and to gain focus regarding the integration of future Board of Trustee goals and objectives with those of the NDDA.
Consideration of approval of new NDDA board members, and reappointment of present ones with expiring terms, was the next item. Jeffrey Green, Doug Armitage, Karina Luscher, Chris Perret (all as new board member applicants), and Ron Mitchell (who is currently NDDA board chairman with an expiring term as of June 30), were asked to share their visions and goals for the NDDA, and their responses led to the result that all of the applicants were judged as qualified to serve.
Annette Croughwell, who presently serves as liaison between the Trustees and the Development Authority, had voiced at the last Trustees meeting the possibility of having Chris Perret replace her in that capacity, rather than in the landowner position for which he had applied. The decision regarding the liaison replacement will take place at a later time.
Pat Everson made a motion that the Nederland Board of Trustees chooses two persons, one of which must be a property owner in the NDDA district, and Katrina Harms seconded the motion. Ron Mitchell asked for discussion of the motion, to which Donna Sue Kirkpatrick responded by requesting to amend the motion on the floor to extend the number of board members to nine.
The amended motion was seconded by Ron Mitchell. Pat Everson remarked that an extended board membership of nine would require that five of the Board Members be property owners within the NDDA district. After reading the original motion and amended motion, a discussion ensued on procedure and the amended motion died with a vote of 3 to 2.

Nederland to change number of Board Members

A return to Everson’s original motion also was voted down three to two. Town Administrator Reis clarified thatnederland-library in order to change the number of Board Members, it would be necessary to amend the motion that originally created the NDDA, at which point Kirkpatrick moved to amend that original resolution established by the NDDA so that the Board Membership could be increased from seven to nine.
Mitchell seconded the motion. Again the motion died with a three to two vote. In response to that, Everson returned to her original motion to make a recommendation to the Nederland Trustees that they decide on two people from the applicants for the two positions on the NDDA board, with one being a property owner in the district to comply with state statute.
While this last motion was on the table. Kirkpatrick abruptly left the meeting with no explanation. Mitchell requested that Everson, as vice-chair, assume the conducting of the meeting and, also without explanation, he followed Kirkpatrick. After a short recess to allow for the possible return of the two, Everson adjourned the meeting because there was no longer a quorum. Everson’s subsequent statement at 7:56 p.m. was as follows: “We are continuing to a date of July 17, which is our next regularly scheduled meeting, due to a lack of quorum after the exit of two members, Chairman: Ron Mitchell, and member-at-large Donna Sue Kirkpatrick, and so we are adjourned.”
Both Ron Mitchell and Donna Sue Kirkpatrick made the following statement as to th reason for their sudden departure: “The meeting will continue from where we left off on this Thursday, June 20, at the Black Forest Inn at 6:30 p.m.”

NDDA Resumes Interrupted Meeting
Pam North

The Nederland Downtown Development Authority (NDDA) called a special meeting on June 20, at 6:30 p.m. at the Black Forest Restaurant, with the purpose of continuing business from its interrupted June 12 meeting, at which two Board Members, Chairman Ron Mitchell and member-at-large Donna Sue Kirkpatrick, abruptly left without explanation. Their departures had prohibited continuation of the business on the agenda because of the lack of a quorum. Recommendations were made to fill two vacancies on the NDDA board, created by Will Guercio’s resignation earlier this month, and Chairman Ron Mitchell’s impending term end on June 30, Jeffrey Green, business owner of Very Nice Brewing Company and Karina Luscher, property owner of Salto Coffee Works, were selected, and those recommendations will be submitted to the Nederland Board of Trustees (BOT) for approval at its approval at the July 2 meeting.
Consideration of what to do with pedestrian flags previously purchased by the NDDA for town street crossings led to tabling of that agenda item until a future meeting. Purchase of a utility cart and hitch, at a cost of about $439, to be used with the tractor, was unanimously approved. The accessory items will aid in the process of watering plants in the Adopt-A-Planter program.
An amendment to C2’s contract for sustainability coordination and project management of the NedPednederland-post-office project was approved. NedPed, Nederland Pedestrian Enhancement Design, is a project focusing on providing safe, non-vehicular connections from the current downtown area to the area between the post office and the library. It will enhance that corridor through storm water management, landscaping, pedestrian amenities, provide for the installation of additional crosswalks and other features, for the benefit of economic development and sustainability.
The project is adjacent to North Beaver Creek and will facilitate the quality of the creek corridor. Conor Merrigan, C2 and project manager of NedPed, was on hand remotely via telephone to answer questions on the current phase of the project, which is nearing 90 percent of the design phase, at which point the NDDA and BOT must go to the Planning Commission for further approval.
Further discussion included costs of NedPed going through the (Nederland Planning Process (NPP). The NPP is an innovative approach to involving local residents, business owners and community members in the public policy-making process and consideration of public projects (the NPP cannot be applied to private projects). By using the NPP, the Nederland Board of Trustees will have a means to gauge public concerns and enthusiasm for various new policies or projects.
NedPed is the first major project to go through this process. The NDDA Board proposed that the BOT review the additional costs that are involved with the NPP.
Ron Mitchell touched briefly on his idea for a simple festival tentatively called “The First Annual Non-Event Event,” which would include the participation of several downtown Nederland restaurants, and would have the purpose of generating more walk-in trade.
Several tents, with tables and chairs and all of the restaurants’ menus, would be placed in parking spaces; customers could order alcoholic beverages in the restaurants, and then be served outside by waiters in the tents. A “go-cup” option, requiring disposable containers of less than 24 ounces, prominently marked with the restaurant’s name. The event is proposed for August and is in an initial stage of planning.
The next regularly scheduled meeting of the NDDA will take place on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, at 6:30 p.m. at the Nederland Community Center.