No thank you to blood-draws for drivers

Colorado Senate Judiciary and the US Supreme Court

says no thank you to blood-draws for drivers
Janet Perry


and Denver

CO Senate JudiciaryThis month the United States Supreme Court decided that police officers need a warrant before imposing a blood-draw on suspected DUI drivers. Days later the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee found numerous problems with the same language and voted 4-to-1 to defeat imposed blood-draws on suspected DUI (of Marijuana) drivers. This language that lobbyists and activists thought would get through, was defeated perhaps by the response of Coloradans who stood up in mass against the bill. One Judiciary Committee Senator asked Kathleen Chippi to stop emailing her suggestions during the DUI Hearing, The next day she recanted and emailed Chippi thanking her for her input, which she had actually found informative and helpful.

The Nederland Mayor’s Task force on Retail Marijuana called off last week’s meeting and will meet Wednesday of this week, after this article goes to print. Task Force members say they will now be considering the People’s Initiative language. Task Force members have admitted to urging Task Force Chair Peter Fiori to consider the People’s Initiative in their meetings.

The People’s Initiative authors plan to collect their signatures and turn them in soon, now that the legislature’s hearings are winding down. According to The Westward, the authors of the People’s Initiative and their lobbyist were instrumental in the defeat of ‘vertical integration’ in the Colorado Legislature.

Once the Initiative’s signatures are verified, the BOT can vote the language in, opening the doors for Nederland to do business. The authors believe that the town would experience a quick and sustained benefit from the opening of those doors.