New Grocery Alternative in Gilpin

Barbara Lawlor

Gilpin County

Roy's store photo-GilpinIt used to be that when a bunch of long-lost relatives called to say they were in town and could they drop and see you, it was panic time. How to feed four adults and their six children when you were two days away from going to Nederland or Golden to shop for groceries?

Now mid-Gilpin County residents have an oasis, an emergency place to shop at Roy’s Last Stand. It is more than a convenience store. It is a mini-grocery store with good deals on large quantities of food. Last summer, Roy installed a feed store to accommodate the myriad pet and domestic livestock animals in the county, but he realized he had bigger fish to fry — the need of the residents for food, staples for the kitchen.

Last month, employee Sid Lipsitz was given the responsibility of opening the feed store when needed and then opening the food store when needed. The building in back of the restaurant was remodeled to include a walk-in freezer and many shelves filled to the ceiling with packaged and canned goods.

Lipsitz said in the month since the store opened he has sold a lot of milk, bread and coffee and wants residents to know that the little store offers a whole lot more. In the walk-in freezer are 15-pound boxes of hamburger, perfect for grilling, along with boxes of French fries, cream pies and frozen vegetables. To go with hamburgers he has specialty items like ketchup and Mustard.

On the shelves in the store, pasta and tortillas, wraps and blue cheese crumbles can be found as well as Colorado Snow To Go for the tourists who want to return to their homes with a little bit of Colorado atmosphere. For the campers buckets, coolers and paper products go with the big cans of beans. You can find every kind of condiment in the world for your picnicking enjoyment.

The grocery store is open in conjunction with the restaurant and when asked, an employee will serve you in the store. It is not a supermarket, but it sure is the most convenient place to shop for good in Gilpin County.