Mountain Bike Trail Conditions

tinshednederlandThese trail updates are courtesy of Josh from Tin Shed Sports in Nederland. Please stay out of closed areas and respect any forest service signs you may encounter. These trail conditions are subject to mountain weather and rapid change.

We will post further updates as we learn more about the trails. Please ride safely!

Near Town

These trails are accessible from the Town of Nederland. They are listed in order of ease of access and technical difficulty.

Mud Lake
Conditions – May 30, 2013: All loops are free of snow and mud.

Boot & Reboot
Conditions – May 30, 2013: Free of snow and mud. Ride ‘em before they get dusty.

Lower West Magnolia
Conditions – May 30, 2013: The recent heat wave has melted the lingering snow drifts. There are still a few puddles scattered about the area. Please go through, not around, the puddles.
Sugar Magnolia, Pungy, Aspen Alley, Lookout, Overlook, The Hobbits, etc. are all open. Things look a lot different but the trails are still there and the views are amazing.
There will be closures in the area as they finish up the fuels treatment project. Please respect any closed trail signs.

Upper West Magnolia
Conditions – May 30, 2013: Reports coming in that Bus ‘n Shack is clear from the “toxic” planks down. There are still some drifts on the upper sections. Ride over/through the drifts, not around. Some drifting on the higher trails, but the warm weather should tend to them over the next week.

Boy Scout Trails (AKA The Dots)
Conditions – May 30, 2013: The trails are quite-possibly, the nicest they will be all summer. If you encounter an obstacle you don’t think you can ride, please walk the line – don’t create a go-around.


These trails are a bit further from town. They tend to be longer rides and more technically challenging.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park
Conditions – May 30, 2013: Reported that most trails are dry with some puddles and the occasional drift. There is a day use fee if parking in the Park.

Sourdough/South St. Vrain/Etc.
Conditions – May 30, 2013: No reports, but guessing there is still plenty of snow on the trails. For the roadies, the road around Brainard Lake has been plowed.