March Nederland Police Reports

March Nederland Police Reports
• Barbara Lawlor
• Nederland

On March 4, a woman informed the Nederland Police Department that she was being harassed by a male and the situation has been going on for about a year. The victim said she rents a property and received a phone call from the man who said he was getting complaints from neighbors about her car blocking access to their residence.
The man said he is aware the woman was paying her rent through a government program. He also said he was collecting her mail because she was using his mailbox. According to the police report, the woman said the man sounded intoxicated.
The officer noted that the mail box in question is a mile away from the residence that the man vacated two years ago. Later that day, the officer heard from the woman’s landlord saying she had received five voice messages from the suspect the night before, between 10:22 p.m. and 11: 59 p.m. The calls she received were drunken ramblings and threats: “I am coming to your town, your street. You better put up a fence because I am coming. This is not a courtesy call. It’s a good chess move. Pawn for Pawn……”
After checking the suspects arrest record, the officer learned that he has an outstanding FTA warrant out of the Lafayette Police Department, stemming from a Violation of a Protection order and telephone harassment. Gilpin County also has a similar report of the man harassing people.
Officers learned the suspect built a home in Gilpin County and it was foreclosed. The landlords of the Nederland case bid on and purchased the home, and the suspect argued the case in court. The emails and voice mails began after the sale in July of 2011, and he has been told many times to stop. A warrant is out for the arrest of the suspect.
On March 18, the NPD received a missing person report. The person’s mother reported that he had not been seen or heard from in five days. He had recently returned to Nederland after living in another state for several months. When he came to town he stayed with a friend, who said he asked the man to leave because he came in late and woke her up. He had been acting weird and trading his jewelry for a crystal which he became obsessed with.
On March 19, witnesses said the man was seen in Boulder at Broadway and Canyon. On March 20, the officer saw the missing person’s brother hitchhiking, and the brother said he hadn’t heard or seen from him and was becoming concerned. He heard that his brother may have left with some travelers.
On March 21, the Nederland officer contacted Boulder County Mental Health, ARC and the Boulder Community Hospital and none of them would provide any information. The man’s name was put into Boulder County CCIC records as a missing person who is off his medications and did not take his beloved guitar with him. On March 27, the man was picked up by Lakewood Police.
On March 6, Nederland officers responded to the report that a female juvenile had been found with possession of prescription and non-prescription medications and was giving them to other juveniles. The officer was told that one girl had ingested four pills, two white, one tan and one blue.
The girl was interviewed with her mother present. She said she told the girl with the drugs that she had cramps and the girl gave her the pills.
The officer asked for the Nederland Fire Protection District medics to respond. As they treated the girl, the officer talked to another boy who said he had accepted a pill from the girl but threw it away. The pill, a blue capsule, was found on the floor near a wastebasket. The pill was identified as Tylenol. The tan pill was Singular, an allergy medication, and the white pills were antibiotics.
The officer advisor the girl who took the pills of the potential for serious harm when she made the choice to ingest street drugs, especially when unidentified. She was told not to repeat such reckless behavior.
The parents involved wanted the matter handled in line with a community policing philosophy. Follow ups will include stern warnings for all adolescents involved.
On March 24, a man reported he had been receiving threatening text messages from someone he knew. The man said the calls began earlier in the day and he did not recognize the telephone number. He said that the man accused him of owing him money and said he thought it was about marijuana.
The man said he used marijuana medicinally for anxiety attacks. He said the messages made him concerned for his safety.  As the officer talked to the man, his cell phone rang and it was the suspect. The officer answered the call, saying he was the alleged victim and asked why the suspect thought money was owed. The suspect said if was $175 for marijuana.
The officer asked the suspect to meet ‘at my house.” The man said he wanted the officer to go to him. They agreed to meet in Nederland the next day. The suspect hung up, saying “Peace, brother.” The officer told the reporting man to call Boulder County dispatch if he gets a message from the suspect. The man said it is likely the suspect will have drugs in his vehicle.
The officer suspects the ‘victim’ is afraid because he crossed a drug deal by not paying. The text messages will be examined to see if they meet the requirements of the harassment statute. If probable cause exists, he will be charged. The case status is open.
On March 26, the Ward Town Marshal called the NPD for an officer to cover for a domestic violence call. The officer and the marshal approached the residence and talked to the victim at the front door. The suspect was told to go into the kitchen.
The victim said that the man had been drinking and became confrontational with her and made derogatory and threatening remarks to her and her four-year-old daughter. The woman said the situation escalated when she talked to him about their living situation and asked him to leave.
He became enraged, threatened her with jail and said her daughter would be placed in an orphanage. The woman tried to call the police on her cell phone and the suspect pushed her aside and grabbed the phone and receiver unit, disabling the device. She said her daughter was present during the assault.
A Boulder County Deputy arrived for additional cover. The officers determined there was probable cause to arrest the suspect, who verbally resisted, saying he would not yield his shoes and coat, and that the officers would be accountable for his freezing to death.
The suspect was handcuffed and placed under arrest, charged with Third Degree Assault; Harassment; Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.