The Great Leap Forward

Mountain Spirit Astrology

The spring equinox occurred on March 20th, bringing equal days and nights to the entire planet. The prescient sign of Pisces had packed the planets in the heavens, involved in the practice of processing and integrating the past. At the vernal equinox, the astrological new year began. The first sign, Aries, started the circle of the zodiac.

The vernal equinox starred the great leap forward, with the rams and the ewes of the sign of Aries leaping around the mountain peaks. And this means ewe, too. Winter traditionally is a time of integrating the past. Spring brings fresh impetus to both the projects that the signs initiate and to spiritual leaps forward.

Aries- For millennia, the first sign of the zodiac, impetuous Aries, has been considered the exaltation of the zodiac. The ancients said that the Sun, as a fiery body, would choose to be in Aries. Now you have the opportunity to lead all of the signs forward into the new year.

Taurus- Although it would seem unbelievable, you are the next astrological sign to be in the center of the stars, after Aries. This is the ideal month for you to look back at all that you have accomplished over the past year and to congratulate yourself, as you plan the year ahead.

Gemini- The ruler of your sign, Mercury the messenger, went into reverse on February the 23rd. You were headed to ski in Vail, but ended up in a cornfield in Kansas. On March 18th, you left Auntie Em, moving forward, and by April 6th, you return to your cabin, ready to zoom ahead.

Cancer- You will usher in summer on the solstice. Now that the spring equinox has occurred, your path is clear. This is a great time for you to start all of the projects that you have been planning during the Mercury reversal of the past weeks and to bring everything forward.

Leo- Leo the lion is energetically planning vacations, now that Mercury the messenger of the stars is finally moving forward. This is a fine juncture for you to gain a spiritual overview of your life. And also a productive and smooth time to book travel adventures both here and abroad.

Virgo- The guiding star for Virgo is Mercury, generally an efficient and communicative member of the team. He had been moving in reverse, generating confusion. By the 6th of April, he will be totally on schedule, and you will notice the results of your hard work over the past months.

Libra- The magnet effect is on. Your opposite sign of relationships, energetic Aries, is now in the center of the stars. Perhaps you have noticed that certain people in your life are drawing you closer, and that others seem to be more distant. Continue with your level of partnership expertise.

Scorpio- Traditionally spring is a very productive time for the Scorpions. Now that Mercury, the planet in charge of communication, is finally moving forward and now that the equinox has started the season, you will begin to see the results that you have been working toward occur.

Sagittarius- Light and love come soaring in now that your fellow fire sign, Aries, is at the center of the stars. You are meditating on all sorts of Sagittarian significators – philosophy, religion, education, travel and writing. Start filling your year ahead with all of these Sadge goodies.

Capricorn- Now that the spring season has arrived, hard-working Capricorns are considering spring and summer projects and pleasures around their mountain cabins. You are a sure-footed creature, so you appreciate the mountain rams and ewes confidently leading the season forward.

Aquarius- Perhaps you would characterize the past six weeks as turgid, or mayhap you have an overview of this juncture in time as being foundational. With Mercury having been retrograde, either viewpoint would be valid. Starting on April 6th, life starts zooming forward again.

Pisces- The sun has moved into the sign that follows yours, energetic Aries, who starts the entire astrological year. However, not all of the planets that were in your sign have left you. The best remains. Your ruler, Neptune, is in Pisces and guides you in your sign for another eleven years.

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