Finally, A Snow Bonanza

This Week’s Weather
By John McGinley

outlaw in the snowIt took most of the winter but we finally had a milestone week with over 2 feet of snow. This will help greatly with the local moisture deficit. The event started on Wednesday with a strong storm that under-performed a bit in the Peak to Peak region. Still 4-5 inches was welcomed. Act II was a storm coming out of the northwest that wound itself up in the perfect location to give us steady deep upslope for many hours. This one dropped 12-15 inches around the area….couldn’t ask for more. But “more” is what happened on Tuesday as a weak upper-level disturbance that frankly, looked like a few inches at best, generated a number of heavy snow bands, one of which plopped itself over western Boulder County and presto….8-10 inches more. Snow, of course brings cold air so our highs and lows were at freezing or below except on Saturday. Sunday and Monday we got down to the single digits. Winds hit on Friday and Saturday. We started the week with only one inch of snow on the ground and Tuesday night we have 16.
Day Date High Low Precip Comments
Wed Feb 20 32 15 2.1S/ 0.20L
Thu Feb 21 22 10 2.5S/ 0.12L
Fri Feb 22 26 14 Gusts to 46mph
Sat Feb 23 36 14 0.4S/ 0.04L Gusts to 53mph
Sun Feb 24 20 4 11.5S/ 0.54L
Mon Feb 25 29 4
Tue Feb 26 25 14 8.3S/ 0.47L
End-of-week snow on ground: 16.0 inches

Snowboarder at Eldora
Snowboarder at Eldora
Friday we usher in March. A typical March is our 2nd snowiest month with 29 inches melting out to 1.9 inches of water. In 2012 we have had nearly no snow at all. The average high is 42F and the low is 19F. We usually have 2 days with lows below zero. Nine days typically are windy (over 40 mph).
For the coming week we should see much drier conditions and warmer temperatures. By the weekend we will be in the upper 30s and low 40s. A cool front Monday will drop temperatures back into the 30s but by Wednesday we’ll be in the 40s again. There could be flurries or snow showers Thursday into Friday and again on Monday. Winds will be gusty over the weekend and again on Wednesday.

Thursday-Feb 28: Partly cloudy becoming cloudy. Snow flurries or showers late. Highs in the upper 20s with lows in the mid teens.
Friday-Mar 1: Flurries early with clearing. Highs still in the upper 20s with lows in the low teens.
Saturday-Mar 2: Windy and warmer with highs in the upper 30s and lows in the mid teens.
Sunday-Mar 3: Windy and warmer with highs getting into low 40s after lows in the low20s.
Monday-Mar 4: Partly cloudy and cooler with snow showers. Highs in the low 30s with lows in the mid teens.
Tuesday-Mar 5: Fair and warmer with highs in the upper 30s after lows in the low teens.
Wednesday-Mar 6: Windy and warmer with highs back into the low 40s; lows in the low 20s.