Editorial; Losing Leaders

Town Hall in the summer
Town Hall in the summer
It is a fact that employees, volunteers and residents of a Town or County will come and go. They will come for a variety of reasons, and they will leave for a variety of reasons.
Recently though, it seems Nederland has been hit with some losses in high-level positions. It makes one wonder what might be going on. Do the Town squabbles finally get to them? Are there other obstacles of which we are unaware, or were the right people not selected in the first place?
Now, at the Feb. 19 meeting of the Nederland Board of Trustees, two more Town staff members have left. At the meeting we were told that Town Clerk Teresa Myers had left effective immediately earlier that day. No reason was given for her leaving, and her duties will be assumed temporarily by Deputy Town Clerk Michelle Martin. We may never know the rest of the story.
Also Town Treasurer Eve Forberger tendered her resignation, effective March 8, to take another job elsewhere. She had been doing an outstanding job for Nederland and had just assumed duties as treasurer for the Nederland Downtown Development Authority (NDDA). We lost two for the price of one on that deal.
Although these two resignations probably won’t bring the wheels of progress grounding to a halt, they continue what has been a unique departing from some of Nederland’s top positions. One of the first that smelled pretty bad was the firing of a Public Works Director who had been doing a great job for the Town. One mistake and he was fired.
The Town lost a very good mayor not too long ago. According to reports, she was upset at the tone and quality of some of the messages she was getting from members of the public. Who? Not in good ole’ Nederland assuredly.
Her resignation may not have been just because of the Phase II Sidewalk project proposed by the NDDA, but the squabble around that project probably didn’t help. That project to run a sidewalk from the Post Office to the RTD earned a grant but ultimately was turned down by the Board of Trustees.
Resignations came in fast and furious after that. First the chair of the Development Authority resigned and then later the full Board.
We have lost some very good leaders in Nederland during the past few years. Why did they leave, and who is going to be there to replace them?