A hint of healers

Barbara Lawlor

Moans and groans crept out from the closed doors along the hallway at the Health Center 
in the Caribou Village Shopping Center. They were groans of pleasure or the good pain of having a massage therapist find the spot that needed kneading.
Healers and therapists invited all who attended the Health Center Open House on Saturday to enjoy a taste of what they had they had to offer the community. Visitors were greeted with a scrumptious spread of healthy snacks and drinks, while they signed up for the therapy they were curious about.
It wasn’t just talk. All of the therapists gave samples of their work: massage, Class IV therapeutic laser treatment, acupuncture, counseling, yoga and nutrition. Not only were the visits informative, they also felt good.
Rick Cylc sat in a massage chair as laser therapist Nancy Squire-Evans treated his 
shoulders and upper back. He smiled his gratitude as the heat soaked into his muscles and his cells, stimulating repair and growth. It was a great opportunity for Squire-Evans to demonstrate what the laser can do.
Local Maryanne Hill relaxed while Marcia Taylor treated her allergies. Hill complained 
of a runny nose and red eyes and with a few simple tests Taylor recognized some of the 
symptoms and worked on those places. She told Hill, “Food has changed a lot over the years. We look healthier but we’re not.”
Juanita McLaughlin treated one visitor for pain in the lower back. As she placed the needles in strategic places, she explained, “Pain is like a dam in a river. Nutrients need to flow through. The needles go into the pain and break up where the path has become congealed. You can feel it through the needle. It’s hard. And then you can feel the Chi coming through the needle like a fish biting at a hook. Where there’s pain, there is no flow.”
Shaun Garin leaned his elbows into his patient’s lower back. “Mmmmmm,” murmured the patient as she felt her tight muscles melt like butter under his pressure.
Teresa Keller gave brief counseling sessions and demonstrated some Yoga positions. She 
is also an artist. The Gilpin County resident also brings Yoga to the students at Little 
Bear pre-school.
It was busy day for the therapists but they all agreed that the open house was a perfect 
way to meet and greet the community and each other.