2013 DOJoe a bit fishy

Barbara Lawlor

big big fishThe annual DOJoe Memorial Uphill/downhill Race was a bit slower than usual because of the 26 inches of new snow that greeted the athletes Sunday morning, Feb. 24. Some of them were even more handicapped than by the deep snow. Several participants carried giant cardboard cutthroat trout bodies around their waists. One man skied inside a kayak, definitely at a balance disadvantage.
Unicorns, massive wigs of all colors, mustache icicles, superman and Batman and Robin appeared.
Of the 46 entries, Jim Lamancusa came in first in the Telemark category with a time of 27:41. Amanda Macdonald came in first in the women’s Telemark race with a time of 39:01. Tag team winners were Ian Hasting and Josh Harrod with a time of 30:19.
The hands down winner of the costume category went to the 11 cutthroat trout all completing the race with their lovely, spotted fish intact.
The first DOJoe Memorial Uphill-Downhill Telemark Race was in the spring of 2002 at Eldora Mountain Resort to honor Joe Despres, a Telemark skier who was killed in an avalanche in November 2001. For the first five years, the race was an uphill-downhill event with all participants using Telemark equipment. In 2007 AT skiers and snowboarders were invited to compete in the DOJoe. To complete the course, racers must first climb 700 vertical feet, transition out of their skins at the top of the Corona lift, then ski down the double black diamond run, West Ridge, to the finish.
Participants are encouraged to wear costumes, and prizes are given for the best costume, the fastest female and male contestants, and the fastest in the tag teams. The awards ceremony at Eldora Mountain Resort Lodge features a band, raffle prizes and beer.
All proceeds are donated to charity, and the race enjoys wide support from a variety of sponsors.
The 2013 DOJoe results:
The Cutthroats 29:01
Alicia Houchen
Kevin Hueth
Krista Crabtree
Tracy Stull
Chris Edwards
Shawn McDonald
Marily McDonald
Lauren Pierpoint
Lindsey Kennedy
Ric Widenor
Ariel Starr

Men’s Telemark
Mike Schlauch 30:22
Ryan Franz 31:17
Craig Talbot 33:59
Matson Tew 35:24
Ryan King 37:13
Ben Beasley 37:36
Mark Welsh 39:40
Ben Zink 40:37
Hardy Fulgham 41:56
Mark Winchester 43:35
Barry Bennet 44:53
Josh Ziegler 45:23
Adam Pause 49:17
Brent Griffith 50:54
Patrick Thorstenson 63:57

Women’s Telemark
Amanda MacDonald 39:01
Molly Welsh 42:03
Kacey French 42:23
Stephanie Andelman 43:39
Cat Skiing 48:17
Lauren Wilson 48:56
Lauren Knight 51:03

Men’s AT
Seth Murray 27:41
Mason Lacy 27:53
Jim Lamancusa 27:41
Jonathan Lantz 30:58
Drew Saunders 31:13
Ian Fowler 32:07
Henry Wood 34:16
Marcus Lusher 34:54
Shawn Zeigler 35:10
Eric Levy 38:24
Colin Lantz 39:52
Gary Lacy 46:59

Women’s AT
Melanie Miller 42:37
Jessica Stanley 43:46
Kate Beezley 50:42

Men’s Snowboard
Bryant Mason 33:35
Matt Jones 41:55
John Deans 45:10
Will Serene 45:43
Steve King 49:30
Pablo Callejas 62:50

Women’s Snowboard
Jess Jones 50:20

Tag Team
Ian Hastings / Josh Harrod 30:19
Emeshe Amade / Bella Amade 36:03
The Camp Family 38:15
Paige Bassett / Craig Bassett 38:27
Kale Lantz / Alisa Musser 39:42
Leah Kalil / Mike Kalil 41:36
Talus Lantz / Katherine Lantz 47:36
Dana Prosser / Dan Prosser 50:22
Peter Vaughn (solo) 56:51
Tes Faye / Eric Johnson 59:32
Mike Oldham / Chuck Grow 59:43
Julie Mania / Mark Griffin 61:59
Dave Despres (solo) 65:00
Dave Potash / Matt Barr DNF