Tikis’ Surgery

Well, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I’m happy to say that my little Tiki girl is doing great. As a pet parent, it’s up to us to make decisions for our pets and sometimes these decisions are difficult.

When making choices for my girls, I find it easier to put myself in the situation and ask “What would I do if it were me?” For myself, I find looking at a situation from this perspective helps clarify the path forward.

In Tiki’s case, I noticed after Thanksgiving she had a lump the size of half a small blueberry on the inside of her toe. As any concerned parent would do, I headed to my vet, had it biopsied, and the lump was diagnosed to be a histiocytoma, or a benign tumor. My veterinarian and I decided in December to observe the lump and see if it grew or shrank., these types of tumors will go away 50 percent of the time on their own within two or three months.

December flew by. January flew by and there was basically no change in the tumor size. Then, wham, it started to grow the weekend of Feb. 2. That weekend, Tiki’s toes became more separated and because of this, her gait shifted, and then she started limping. That was it, the lump had to go.

The tumor was the other 50 percent where they grow larger and encompass more and more mass, so first thing Monday morning I called my Vet and scheduled Tiki’s surgery for the first available time, which was Wednesday.

On Tuesday, I went and spoke to another Vet friend for a second opinion to ensure I was choosing the right path for my little Tiki girl. He confirmed what I already knew and was supportive of the decision. If the surgery wasn’t done and the tumor continued to grow, Tiki may lose a toe.

For me, putting myself in her paws, it was a no brainer. If I had a tumor on my finger and I had a choice of surgery now to remove it, or surgery later and possibly losing my finger, the choice was clear, surgery now.

Two weeks have past and Tiki is doing great. I upped her vitamins pre- and post-surgery to provide her system that extra healing power, and rigorously massaged her after the surgery to help move all the toxins through her system. Coming out of the anesthesia was hard on Tiki and to help her along that night I gave her warm home-made chicken broth to slowly sip as she started to feel better. She was on various medications for the following five days and now is off everything. Tiki is a happy camper, tumor free, limp free, and Wednesday we head back to my Vet to see if she gets to go barefoot again!

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