Nederland Post Office for sale

Barbara Lawlor

A listing with a real estate broker had some Nederland residents concerned that change was going to take place in the Post Office. Not to worry. David Rupert of the U.S. Post Office Communications said that selling post office buildings happens all the time.
The Nederland Post Office is leased from a private property owner and part of the sales agreement, if someone bought the Post Office building, is to abide by the lease conditions.
“We are tenants,” Rupert said. “We don’t have anything to say about who owns the building, but even if it were to sell, we are not expecting any changes in the service to the town. We go through this all the time.”
He said the real estate advertisement states that the lease to the postal service is good for another seven years. If someone purchased the property with plans for another use, then the agency would have to seek another location. The property and building are listed at $1.29 million and brings in about $100,000 a year.
Rupert said he doubts there will be any changes in Nederland because it has become the administrative center for the Rollinsville and Pinecliffe post offices. Last week, at a meeting in Nederland, it was decided that these two small facilities would have to cut their hours from eight to four. Although it is not formal, he said the four hours would probably be in the afternoon from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
“I know that doesn’t make people happy, but we have to save money somewhere and we have had a 25 percent volume drop while infrastructure costs continue. We have cut 100,000 employees but that still isn’t enough. This is inconvenient but necessary.”
Last year, the postal service launched a plan to close the Ward Post Office as well as many others in the country. Ward residents raised a rightly ruckus, and so did most small towns whose postal services were in jeopardy. The Post office Officials decided not to close any of them, but to reduce the hours they are open.
Nederland folks can relax, at least for seven years. The mail will come through wind, snow, rain and change of property ownership.