Board of Trustees had a busy 2012

Pam North

The Nederland Board of Trustees has had a busy year during 2012.


EcoPasses with RTD became available on a community-wide basis in a two-year pilot program and were launched at month’s end at the Nederland Community Library. About 3,000 people in the Library District were eligible for and benefited from the program, which offers no-cost ridership to local community members. The Town of Nederland and Boulder County were partners in obtaining the Eco-Pass grant.
An intergovernmental agreement with the Colorado Department of Transportation for Phase II of the Sidewalks Project was adopted. Resolution 2012-XX supporting the Boulder County Zero Waste Action Plan was approved,
Town Hall began participating with Ned Compost, and plans were in gear to have Earth Tubs working soon. An Earth Day Proclamation was approved.
Resolution 2012-13, approved a new code of conduct for Town boards, including the Board of Trustees and advisory boards. Resolution 2012-06, approving ballot language for the Nederland Downtown Development Authority (NDDA) debt authorization and the NDDA five-mill property tax extension on the 2012 ballot was discussed. Some confusion over issues was expressed by members of the public, and attempts were made to clarify those points.
Amanda Macdonald, of Butterfly Effect Promotions, was introduced as the new owner and organizer of Frozen Dead Guy Days (FDGD).
An initiative to permit boating on Barker Reservoir was introduced,


Katrina Harms read the mission statement of the newly-restructured Chamber of Commerce, and informed everyone of the Chamber’s first public social event at the Pioneer Inn..
The snow removal policy, as applied to Town residents who are elderly or handicapped needing extra snow removal assistance for driveway entrances, was reviewed. After looking into possibly providing that service, the Town had come to the conclusion that the cost of punch outs at driveway entrances was prohibitive because of its limited budget.
Resolution 2012-10, expressing support for the NDDA from the Trustees in regard to the April ballot issues, was approved. The NDDA desired recognition from the BOT that the NDDA is a valuable tool in obtaining grant money for local projects.


A new course of action, called the Nederland Public Process (NPP), was approved as a three-step development progression model consisting of internal analysis, public outreach for input and advisory board recommendations before funding for public projects is sought. Public input would be received through advisory board hearings and meetings, and the applicant could hold a public forum.

Alisha Reis explained the consultant selection for the Comprehensive Plan update, highlighting the RFQ scoring process, considerations and next steps. The Board directed that members of the public be solicited to join the Planning Commission as a steering committee for the project.
The Board requested that Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) develop the Nederland Sustainability Action Plan. Suggestions included: forming a community steering committee to participate and retaining a consultant to plan and facilitate the project. Both the document and the process should be expanded and be properly funded. The plan should overlay other projects and master plans and the plan should include measurable goals. Board members said the project could provide a useful focus and goal for the SAB.
Ordinance 706, updating the Nederland Municipal Code to clarify variance criteria, was approved. Resolution 2012-13, adopting a new code of conduct for Town boards, including the Board of Trustees and advisory boards, was approved,
An Earth Day Proclamation was approved for April 22, 2012, on which Nederland would be hosting Boulder County’s only large-scale, public Earth Day to celebrate the area’s natural beauty and resources. Ballot language for the upcoming election was discussed.


Results of the April election were discussed by Town Clerk Teresa Myers, who explained that her report did not include an abstract of votes, but that it reflected the same information as the results that were posted on the Town’s website on election night, in Town Hall and the Post Office. She also stated that the Town would be pursuing new business licenses and renewals.
The new Board of Trustees was comprised of: Joe Gierlach as mayor; Randy Lee, Peter Fiori, Ledge Long and Annette Croughwell as Trustees; and Kevin Mueller as mayor pro tem. Outgoing Trustee Janette Taylor explained her reasons for not running for a Trustee position, saying that she wished to devote her time and efforts toward fund-raising for local causes, and said she was grateful for the opportunity to serve over the past few months.
Re-appointments to Town staff were: Alisha Reis as town administrator and also as zoning administrator; Teresa Myers as Town clerk; Jake Adler as Town marshal; Eva Forberger as Town treasurer; Carmen Beery as Town attorney; Lisa Hamilton Fieldman as municipal judge; and Donna Schneider as Town prosecutor.
Information on the wastewater treatment plant construction had been posted on the Town website. The dewatering process had begun, and the concrete foundation was soon to be poured. Six new parking spaces were planned for construction by Ron Mitchell on Snyder Street, between First and Second streets, across from the new coffee shop.

Appointments of Susan Gerhart to the Community Center Foundation Board (CCFB) and Mark Stringfellow to the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) were approved. A proposal to create a Mayor’s Task Force to research housing options for seniors and low-income 
families was considered by the Board. Limited availability of affordable housing and the increasing higher-age population were cited as major factors. Mayor Gierlach stated that there were funding possibilities with the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), and encouraged the Board to approve the creation of a Mayor’s Task Force on Housing and Human Service, to which the Board agreed.
DRCOG funding was available for storm water management and pedestrian pathways (NedPed) for the Town of Nederland. The Board unanimously agreed that the Mayor should inform DRCOG that the Town intended to pursue the project, and that $58,000 of DDA funding would be applied to the project.
An entirely new Board for the Nederland Downtown Development Authority was appointed on May 15, 2012. Patricia Everson and Donna Sue Kirkpatrick were appointed for two-year terms expiring June 30, 2014. Will Guercio and Ron Mitchell were appointed for one-year terms expiring June 30, 2013. Mary Ann Rodak-Friedman was appointed for a six-week term expiring June 30, 2012, to be eligible for reconsideration of a four-year term to expire June 30, 2016.
A partnership was begun between the Clerk’s Office and the Chamber of Commerce that will focus on new approaches to an economically sustainable business community and obtaining economic development grants.
A proposal for a graffiti wall at the Teen Center was approved. The wall was planned by Teens, Inc., to be from 15 feet to 20 feet long, 7 feet tall and 8 inches in thickness, and would be constructed of concrete reinforced with rebar. Ever-changing artistic efforts by local residents would decorate the wall. The graffiti wall would be located on Town property at the Teen Center site.
A noxious weed removal program had been formed, and also a new memorial policy drafted by the Parks Recreation and Open Spaces Advisory Board.


Ned Cleanup Day took place on June 2, 2012. Jeffrey and Susan Green submitted a plan to open a small craft beer brewery, called the Very Nice Brewing Company, with a tasting room, to be located in the Caribou Village Shopping Center. Not be a typical bar, it would handle only their own products and also supplies for craft brewing.
 The Board of Trustees approved the following Trustee liaison assignments to advisory boards: Mayor Pro Tem Mueller, Planning Commission; Trustee Lee, Parks, Recreation and Open Space Advisory Board (PROSAB), and Intermountain Alliance; Trustee Croughwell, Downtown Development Authority; Trustee Fiori, Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB); Trustee Long, Community Center Foundation Board (CCFB); Trustee Perret, Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA); Mayor Gierlach as the primary contact, and Mayor Pro Tem Mueller the alternate contact for the Denver Regional Council of Governments; and Mayor Gierlach as the primary contact, and Trustee Perret the alternate contact for the Boulder County Consortium of Cities.
Appointments to the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing and Human Services were Donna Kirkpatrick, Renee Chalfant and Atashnaa Werner. The task force would focus on bringing more human services and low-income housing options to Nederland. Mayor Gierlach pointed out that other mountain communities have expressed interest in the task force’s findings.


Corporal Larry Johns was promoted to Sergeant by Town Marshal Jake Adler, who pinned an additional stripe to Johns’ uniform, after which a pin was added by Johns’ wife.
Additional early morning hours were planned for Saturdays and Sundays at the Community Center. A Special Event Permit application for Buffalo Bicycle Classic 2012 was approved. The bike ride is non-profit, benefiting a scholarship fund, and would be managed by volunteers,


A proclamation celebrating the Nederland Community Presbyterian Church’s Centennial Anniversary was introduced by Mayor Gierlach. The Presbyterian Church had submitted a Special Event Permit Application and Fee Waiver request for their centennial celebration, which included an outdoor picnic with non-amplified band music on Saturday, Aug. 11, to celebrate its 100th anniversary as a congregation.
Resolution 2012-26, approving new Board of Trustees Rules of Procedure, was discussed. Changes involving the mayor’s duties, operation and streamlining of meetings, etc., had evolved after research into the procedures of other communities, impacting current procedural rules. The resulting procedural document will be useful to the Town’s other advisory boards as well.
The new lease for the Backdoor Theater was presented. Included in it were ways to save money for the necessary purchase of a new digital projector and sound equipment in the future to replace equipment that is becoming obsolete. The lease renewal included a rent reduction of $100 per month to go toward the new equipment purchase, and the Town is considering assisting the theater in that purchase in the form of a loan.
The TARP grant for the Visitors’ Center was explained by Alisha Reis, and she was directed by the Board both to pursue the grant and to obtain more information on the building’s mechanical systems that will be renovated or updated.


A presentation on Achieving Zero Waste Goals Through Composting was introduced to the Board by Jane Curtis Gazit (Keep Magnolia Clean), Wendy Monroe (Native Medicinals) and Jill Dreves ((Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center), which highlighted the proposed Zero Waste in Nederland project and its benefits. Composted materials, including mycelium, may be used to increase forest health, address drainage problems, mitigate road grime and further ecological education. The Board agreed to research the idea further.
Resolution 2012-26, approving a Memorial Policy for commemorative memorials on Town property, was approved. A resolution would allow Town staff to use appropriate design criteria to address requests for memorials and to allow better enforcement.
EcoPasses, available through 2013, would feature modifications incorporating the new Smart Card technology.
Town Attorney Carmen Beery requested that she attend only one meeting a month in the future, rather than two, as had been the past practice. The resulting cost savings of about $5,000 to $6,000 annually was viewed as worthwhile as long as Beery’s absence at the other meeting each month did not compromise the Town from a legal standpoint.
Special Event Permits for Oktoberfest 2013 Bike Race and Music Festival, and Paradapalooza 2012, a farewell parade honoring Vince Herman, were approved, Resolution 2012-27, supporting a program to allow boating on Barker Reservoir, was approved. The resolution did not support any particular final plan, but was intended to show support by the community to head the proposal toward discussions with Boulder County.


A Special Review Use (SRU) agreement with Aspen Grove Community Preschool (formerly Over the Rainbow) for a preschool use in the NC zoning district was approved, after an initial defeat in September over issues of parking and access that later were satisfactorily resolved.
NedWEB, a proposal eliminating the funding of the Town’s major events and replacing it with a winter economic boost program, was introduced and viewed favorably by the Board. Town Treasurer Eva Forberger gave a presentation on the Town’s 2013 budget, and was thanked for her diligence in working on the new budget and getting the Town’s finances in shape.


The Starburst Award (for Excellence in Use of Lottery Funds) for the Toddler Playground at Chipeta Park was presented to the Nederland Board of Trustees by Matt Robbins of the Colorado Lottery.
Amendment 64, which had legalized marijuana for recreational use in Colorado, was discussed. The law would not become effective until certification of the vote, probably about mid-December. The amendment allows for possession of up to one ounce of marijuana by people 21 and older, as well as the ability to grow up to six plants for their use, but federal law still prohibits marijuana use.
The annual Thanksgiving Dinner was approved for Sunday, Nov. 18, at the Nederland Community Center. Dawn Baumhover’s report mentioned the success of the recent Witches’ Ball at the Community Center and that the Food Pantry was serving more than 200 people per month.
A Special Review Use (SRU) Agreement for the Kathmandu addition (a mixed-use development by Nepal, LLC) at 110 N. Jefferson Street was approved. Nepal LLC has proposed construction of a second-level addition above the existing Kathmandu Restaurant which would alleviate the current leaking condition of the roof and add 4,300 additional square feet of space, including three one-bedroom rental apartments, an office, a storage and mechanical room and a covered deck on east, south and west sides with an exterior stairway, The new construction would provide energy efficient, sustainable housing and office space in the central business district. The mixed-use concept meshes with the Town’s design guidelines and would offer proximity to RTD transportation, shopping and the library
A contract for the sustainability coordinator and project manager for the NedPeds project was approved. The Denver-based firm C2 Sustainability had submitted a fee proposal for sustainability oversight and project management work for the NedPeds multi-use pathway project. The firm was one of four to submit qualifications, and one of three to interview with the local committee. The proposal included design review of the project for opportunities for the Town to meet environmental and sustainability goals.
Resolution 2012-31, concerning the Board of Trustees Rules of Procedure, was approved. The resolution and proposed Rules of Procedure address meeting and hearing procedures established for the Board via municipal code and as a matter of course. The Board has previously discussed streamlining the related municipal code, and those procedures have all been contained in the approved document.
Ordinance 712, an update to the floodplain regulations as required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was approved. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a federal program that enables property owners to purchase insurance protection against losses from flooding. The NFIP is administered by the Federal Insurance Administration (a part of FEMA), which issues flood plain maps as part of its program. FEMA has revised the Boulder County Flood Insurance Rate Maps. There appeared to be no changes to the flood plain boundaries in Nederland; however, there was a change in the height of the flood area, which was not foreseen as a change impacting property owners within the flood plain, but it was important for the Town to use the updated maps when reviewing development in Nederland.
Ordinance 713, concerning annexation of the Public Works Yard on Ridge Road, was approved. The annexation of the 6.67-acre Public Works Yard at Ridge Road (also known as the “Dream Yard”) into the Town limits included two parcels on Ridge Road and was acquired by the Town to serve as the Public Works operations facility, replacing the current yard at 750 W. Fifth St. The current facility is in a state of declining repair, so office operations would be relocated to other Town facilities over the next few months, with materials and vehicle storage also relocated. A new salt and sand enclosure will be constructed to contain material for deicing roadways.


The new snow removal policy was reviewed by Public Works Manager Jason Morrison. Prioritizing of routes, handling of parked cars along emergency routes during snowstorms and possible extension of service to elderly and disabled people were reviewed and discussed among Board members. Owners of parked cars along emergency routes would receive one warning, with their cars subsequently towed if not moved. Commitment to extra service, such as driveway entrance clear-out for the elderly and disabled, was still viewed as not fiscally feasible.
Ordinance 700, adopting the 2012 budget appropriations; Ordinance 701, adopting the 2011 supplemental budget; Resolution 2011-26, adopting the mill levy for the Town; and Resolution 2011-27, adopting the mill levy for the DDA, all were unanimously approved.
Town Treasurer Eva Forberger estimated a 5 percent to 6 percent sales tax increase for Nederland this year over last year.
 Community Center Coordinator Dawn Baumhover noted improvements at the Community Center in the form of better equipment and equipment maintenance, extended hours and the addition of the Clothes Closet and Food Pantry. She also noted the success of the 9Health Fair, attended by about 300 people.
 The RINK water billing issue was discussed, with resolution to be done at the next meeting in January. The mycelium project, introduced in September, was discussed and considered as a project of merit with its sustainability focus, operated preferably with grant funding and with the long-term goal of a non-profit ultimately taking it over. Town staff was directed to proceed with a grant application.
The Board agreed to signing on to a grant proposal to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to hire a sustainability coordinator, who would be shared between Nederland and Lyons, to evaluate and provide technical assistance in exploring recycling and non-food compost options.