Nederland DDA Integrating NedPeds Project to Town Goals

Pam North

The Nederland Downtown Development Authority (NDDA) regular meeting was on Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 6:30 p.m. in the Nederland Community Center Conference Room. Members in attendance were Pat Everson, Donna Kirkpatrick, Mary Ann Rodak-Friedman, Katrina Harms, and Annette Croughwell. Ron Mitchell and Will Guercio were absent. Also present were Executive Director and Project Coordinator Paul Turnburke, Secretary Sue Churches and Town Treasurer Eva Forberger.
Eva Forberger mentioned that her Treasurer’s report was current as of Oct. 31, and that the NDDA loan had been approved on Dec. 6. She also answered a question on Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Paul Turnburke referenced his report that he had submitted and stressed that the ambassador packets sent out by Town Administrator Alisha Reis needed to be turned in soon.
Brian McLaren, P.E., of Huitt-Zollars, Inc., was introduced as NedPeds Design Manager to the board by Pat Everson. McLaren, a former resident of Nederland, expressed pleasure in being involved with the Town again. Conor Merrigan of C2 Sustainability was introduced as NedPeds Project Manager and Sustainability Consultant.
Pat Everson referenced her report and the design packet that had been included. An update on the Mining Museum artifacts was provided by Donna Sue Kirkpatrick. The items that were not included in the sale of the building to Boulder County remain on the lot west of the museum. Kirkpatrick will be researching options for placing the artifacts and mining equipment elsewhere, and will be reporting on her findings at a future meeting.
Pat Everson introduced the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Advisory Board (PROSAB) Master Plan draft. Randy Lee was present to answer related questions. The document has been evolving over the past two years at the hands of members of the Steering Committee, with input from Paul Turnburke, Annette Croughwell, a public survey and various local groups.
Discussion and completion of the questionnaire submitted to the NDDA by PROSAB focused on various aspects of the plan draft in relation to NDDA goals and also to Gateway Park. As to whether the PROSAB plan complimented or conflicted with the NDDA plan of development, the NDDA Board expressed the desire to work with PROSAB, but due to the current NDDA Board’s short tenure, they felt somewhat inexperienced to determine the answer to that question, but stated that their design team of Brian McLaren and Conor Merrigan would be directly responsible for the Gateway Park project’s relationship to the NDDA.
Regarding whether the PROSAB plan supported the improvement of the downtown area, the NDDA’s consensus was that it was positive providing that in the Master Plan existing sidewalks were included as an asset for the Town, and Gateway Park provided for infrastructure improvements and complemented the existing “neighborhood commercial” zoning direction. The Board also said that, with the Master Plan as a major contribution, it might be tied into the NedPeds plan to support improvement of the downtown area, and that integrating PROSAB with NDDA meetings might be helpful. Gateway Park also might be tied in with the NedPeds project.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:33 p.m., so that Board Members could attend the subsequent Planning Commission meeting.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. at the Nederland Community Center.

NDDA hires new Project Manager and sets up Public Process meetings
Pam North

The Nederland Downtown Development Authority has hired Conor Merrigan and Cliff Lind from C2Sustainability as the Project manager/sustainability consultant for the NedPeds project. They have scheduled a series of presentations to involve the citizens of Nederland in the beginning design for the multi-modal pathway connecting the Post Office to the Library.
These presentations will be given by Brian McLaren from Huitt-Zollars, Inc. McLaren leads the design team and has worked closely with the Town and the residents of Second Street, the chosen route for the project.
The project now moves into the Nederland Public Process required of all projects on public land within the Town of Nederland. The first meeting, releasing the schematic design, was Thursday, Nov. 15, before the Parks Recreation and Open Space Advisory Board. Meetings also took place on Nov. 28, 2012 with the Planning Commission and on Dec. 4 with input from various town boards to the Board of Trustees.
For more information, contact the Design Advisory Team Leader Pat Everson by email at