Library checks out two years

Barbara Lawlor

It seems like yesterday that the Nederland Community Library became real, but a certain group of library pioneers know that the reality of the library involved years of planning, fundraising and construction to create the building. It needed people to administrate and plan, to turn an empty lot into a field of information and communication.
Two years ago, the Nederland Library District and the Nederland Library Foundation Board joined forces and funds to build the gem that has become one of Nederland’s most popular assets. Last Sunday night, Dec. 9, the boards joined to celebrate the two-year success of their dream come true.
Jean Foss, president of the Foundation Board, said the get together was to celebrate two years and also the acquisition of bordering property for future growth. Foss said, “We have a new era coming up. At this time two years ago, we were getting ready for build. Now it is even better than we imagined it would be. We watched the progress and now, to see it actually functioning and people using it, that’s really good.”
Foss also said that some of the original board members are now leaving and the boards are seeking volunteers to keep the administration moving forward. She thanked Susan Gerhardt for her work. Although Gerhardt was at the party, she sent a message saying she felt privileged to have worked with such great people for such a long time.
Gail Eddy, Kay Turnbaugh, Linda McGinley and Jane Curtis Gadzit are also leaving the boards. Turnbaugh told the group that the library needed every single vote that made the library possible. “It’s been a great journey. We did it!”
Danni Dillon is now the Library District Board president. Andrea Begin is the treasurer and Emily Fidelman is the secretary. The Foundation Board officers are Jean Foss, president; Marty Cheshes, vice president; Alberta Montgomery, secretary; Al Meyer, treasurer, and members Andrea Reynolds, Randy Sachter-Smith, Lucy Strook. Friends of the Library include Cristy Howe and Linda Herth.
Marty Dick, the first Nederland Community Library librarian, joined the party and reminisced about the good old days, back in 2000, when the library was located in the Nederland Community Center. “I am amazed at the devotion of the volunteers who believed in this project, who thought Nederland should have a library, and they crawled through all those dusty old books and made it happen. In the first year, we had no funds and all we could afford were used books. There are people in this room who are still volunteering.”
The gathering took place in the library meeting room, which already has become too small for many of the events the library hosts. In two years, the dream has become the hub of the community, the place to find information, communication and ideas; the happy place where mothers and fathers can bring their children to listen to stories and socialize with others of their ilk.
The library is only two years old and is just beginning its own journey with new board members to guide it into the future.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.