First Art at Altitude Opening

Barbara Lawlor

More than 100 paintings, drawings or sculpture pieces were on display on Thursday night, Nov. 29, at the First Art at Altitude opening reception at the Nederland Middle/ Senior High School. Usually, art students finish a piece of work and then take it home, never being available to the public. Thursday night’s reception was a huge milestone in forging a bond between the school, the parents and the students.
As the parents studied the artwork and enjoyed appetizers, the students waited eagerly for their chance to explain their work. The reception was hosted by Linda Bagby, Art Teacher Theresa Bagby’s mother.
The middle level honorable mention awards went to Jagger Perez, Mariah Ingram and Kenny Shankey. Third place, $l0, went to Cailyn Grewe for “Palomino.’ Second place, $25, went to Ande Joyce and First place, $50, went to Aspen Forman. The judges said that her ‘Ranbow Peacock,’ had a ‘wow’ appeal that is separate from the other pieces. They liked how her lines created different values and added motion to the peacock, which made it seem to come to life.
The high school awards were presented by NMSHS Principal Lynn Donnelly. Honorable Mentions awards went to Hope Rippy, Layla Theroit and Chyenne Clutter. Four awards were presented to the high school artists. Philip Herbert’s ‘Life in the Desert,’ took fourth place. The judges say they liked the piece because the composition works from angles.
Third place, $25, went to Anika Ramey for her ‘Cereal Box’ which was weighted beautifully and trimmed nicely. Second place winner, $50, was Lilly McCoy for her piece, ‘Lotus’. The judges liked the design and level of difficultly.
First place winner, $100, was Amber Clasby for her ‘For your memories.’ It was claimed as the only piece that every judge agreed about the placing without having to do hours of discussion Amber has a strong developed style and artistic ability.
Theresa Bagby then introduced a surprise award for sixth grader Hailey Perryman. She won the Paint Brush Award for her bright future and was named the cover artist for the 2013 Art Show. The People’s Choice Award went to sophomore Amber Glasby.
During the reception, the Attractive Man Phunk band entertained the crowd of students and parents. Noah Ridnell, Ben Rubio, Luke Harrison and Sam Churches added their new sound to the hub bub of a successful showing.