Professional Wetlands Consulting, Inc.

Professional Wetlands Consulting, Inc. (PWC) is a Colorado based environmental consulting company specializing in wetland and water issues within the Rocky Mountain Region.  PWC is highly experienced in wetland identification and delineation, Section 404 permitting, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers policy, wetland mitigation, wetland creation, nonpoint source pollution control, stream restoration and wildlife habitat enhancement.  PWC takes pride in providing efficient environmental consulting services with an emphasis on quality, professionalism and cost-effective solutions.
Wetland delineation experience includes recreational trails, roadways, subdivisions, golf courses, arena facilities, residential lots and schools.  Habitat restoration and nonpoint source pollution control services are offered to improve stream and wetland ecosystems as well as increase recreational and aesthetic benefits.  Habitat restoration and enhancement techniques include wetland creation, biotechnical slope protection, streambank stabilization, pond design, development of diverse micro-habitats, and planting of native species for wildlife.  Wetlands planting and mitigation site construction are one of the many services provided by Professional Wetlands Consulting, Inc.
PWC specializes in water quality improvement using constructed wetlands and best management practices (BMP’s) to control erosion, treat wastewater, reduce nonpoint source (NPS) pollution, and improve fish and wildlife habitat.  Wetland creation in water features and drainage features is utilized to treat runoff from development, roads, golf courses and parking lots.  Professional Wetlands Consulting, Inc. also provides Threatened and Endangered Species surveys, Rare Plant surveys and Environmental Assessments for projects throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.
 David Steinmann, President – Professional Wetlands Consulting, Inc. 
Education:  B.A. Physics/Biology, 1990. University of Colorado at Boulder 
Work History: Senior Wetland Specialist.  June 1990 – July 1994.
                  Aquatic and Wetland Consultants, Inc.  Boulder, Colorado. 
                  Electronics Technician. 1989.
                  Blue Anchor Engineering. Orleans, Massachusetts. 
Wetland Delineation and Assessment.  Served as project manager on over five hundred wetland delineation and environmental assessment projects in Colorado that were verified and approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, including 63rd Street Improvements, State Highway 119 at 30th St., Boulder Community Hospital, Colorado Springs World Arena, Sunlight Mountain Resort, Summit County High School, Bell Mountain Ranch and Keystone Resort.
Section 404 Permitting and Mitigation.  Completed Section 404 permitting and mitigation plan design for over two hundred projects requiring impacts to jurisdictional wetlands within the State of Colorado, including parks, recreational trails, subdivisions, golf courses, highways, and public schools.  Obtained many Section 404 permits for stream and river restoration projects. 
Wetland Creation and Restoration  Completed and supervised numerous  wetland creation and restoration projects throughout the Rocky Mountain region.  Experience includes creating wetlands in water features and drainage swales, wetland creation for the City of Boulder along South Boulder Creek, wetland creation at Big Dry Creek in Westminster, and development of wetlands in detention basins at the Town of Silverthorne to treat runoff. 
Water Quality Control  Designed and developed nonpoint source pollution control projects utilizing wetlands and water features to treat runoff from roadways, developments, golf courses, parking lots, and other facilities.  Conducted  monitoring studies for 8 acres of created wetlands designed to treat  stormwater runoff at the University of Colorado Research Park, and developed detention pond wetlands to treat nonpoint source pollution.  
Golf Courses  Provided wetland delineation and Section 404 permitting services for Westminster Golf Course, Aspen Glen Golf Course, Skyland Golf Course in Crested Butte, Lafayette Golf Course, and the Lander Golf and Country Club in Lander, Wyoming. Coordinated, documented, and verified work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Habitat Restoration Designed fish and wildlife habitat improvement projects for lakes, ponds and streams, including the Boulder Creek, Four Mile Canyon Creek, South Boulder Creek, the Blue River, Roaring Fork River, St. Vrain Creek, Left Hand Creek and Clear Creek.
Select Project Experience
The following list outlines representative projects that are currently in progress or have recently
been completed, focusing on wetlands and environmental analysis projects.
City of Boulder Department of Public Works – Boulder, Colorado
Professional Wetland Consulting, Inc. has had a Consulting Services Contract with the City of
Boulder Department of Public Works, and just completed the wetlands permitting for several
projects including 63rd Street and State Highway 119. Completed wetlands delineation, analysis,
Section 404 and City of Boulder permitting, and mitigation plan design for a variety of City of
Boulder projects, including the Four Mile Canyon Creek path west of Broadway, Eben G. Fine
Park improvements, Boulder Creek path, Skunk Creek path, Bear Canyon Creek, and South
Boulder Creek trail, and projects with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).
Pikes Peak Highway – Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Completed wetlands mapping and environmental analysis, including threatened and endangered
species review work, along 14 miles of the Pikes Peak Highway to the top of Pikes Peak. Work
was verified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and reviewed by the U.S. Forest Service.

David Steinmann
20 Rim Road Boulder, Colorado 80302 USA 
Phone: (303) 444-1715